Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Switch It UP (The Switch Stories Book 2) by J. H. Craig - $0.99!

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Warning! This is an erotic romance, so contained herein are graphic descriptions of sex, bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission. You’ll find group sex, voyeurism, Daddy-daughter play, and mud fetishism. Mental illness, self-harm, and consent violation are some of the difficult issues addressed. Somehow, there’s still room for art, ironic humor, and love.

Last week, I only thought I had problems. How I wish for last week!

It’s a Dom problem. My sleazy boss at the dungeon is ripping me off and harassing my sweet, gorgeous assistant, Trey, who is too submissive for his own safety.

It’s a sub problem. Usually my lover Jase is my rock, always there to take care of me, whether I need feeding or spanking. Now something from Jase’s past is pulling him away from me. He grows more distant every day.

It’s a poly problem. Beautiful Trey is ready to explore with my gorgeous new pet, Hunter, and wants me along for the ride. And Jase’s buddy Joe has been casting filthy glances my way, along with his Dirty South grin.

Sometimes I don’t know what the question is, but I’m pretty sure sex is the answer. Time to SWITCH IT UP.


There's no slowly sliding into this erotic novel. From page one, you're thrown into some hot and heavy action. J. H. Craig has written a book that will truly make you stand up and pay attention. However, it's not all about sex. This book delves into some serious problems couples face and offers a more realistic look at the world of BDSM. It shows that it's not all about the kink, but that there are real people enjoying the lifestyle - real people with real problems. If you're looking for an erotic novel that's more than just sex, I recommend this one. 

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