Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Hawk, or Other World by A.J. Aaron

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What's in the box?

Dave never conformed where it was beneficial in life and paid the price. He realizes he should have listened to his parents, cared about his grades in high school, and conformed to become successful like his brother. Dave starts conforming and a mysterious, enticing, and exotic woman gives him a dream job.

Does it matter Dave doesn’t know what effect his job has on the world when he’s skyrocketing into the big time at $4,000 a day? A new lifestyle, interesting women, fancy clothes, and a supercar worth more than an average house all indicate to Dave he’s on the right path, yet something doesn't seem right, even to ordinary Dave.

When Dave discovers the unthinkable ramifications his new job has on others and the world, does he continue or not? Will he save the world by doing his job well, or save the world by destroying his employer? Is conformance the way to personal success, or a path to world destruction? Can anyone make a choice when their own lives are affected? Would you conform to live 300 years long in perfect health with immense wealth, even if you were no longer you?

Can Dave even discern reality and make a suitable decision? Does he have a choice? Do you?

Look inside now and start reading this compact (approximately 43,000 words and 158 pages) science fiction mystery novel and decide for yourself.

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