Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Spotlight Bulletproof Bodyguards Collection by Regan Black

$4.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


The first four Unknown Identities adventures in one killer collection! 

Unknown Identities is an alternative for elite soldiers and spies facing criminal charges... if they can survive the program.

Bulletproof: A soldier is nothing without his honor... 
To avoid a dishonorable end to his decorated military career, John Noble made a deal with the devil. He gave up his name, endured harrowing training, and accepted every mission thrown at him for one purpose: redemption.

Double Vision: A disavowed spy has his long-awaited vengeance in sight... 
Framed as a traitor, Adam Maxwell opted to lend his expertise to Unknown Identities, with the understanding that someday he'd get a chance to get even with the man who set him up. An orphan, giving up his past proved easier than surrendering his normal vision to the UI research scientists.

Sandman: A Marine sniper has one final shot at love... 
Wrongly accused of an unsanctioned kill on a secret desert mission, Matthew Horn took his only option and let a shadow agency declare him dead. In the years since, he's become a trusted operative, but now they want him to kill an innocent woman... a woman from his past.

Death-Trap Date: In this short adventure, Amelia Bennett hopes a blind date on Valentine's Day will become a deeper lead into the Unknown Identities system, but John Noble must decide if it’s jealousy or something far more sinister putting him on edge. 

Look for Last Strike, coming in August!

Live the adventure!

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