Friday, July 17, 2015

Spotlight on The Suit by V.R. Marks

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One mistake and he's not a bachelor anymore... 

FBI Special Agent Dale Nichols is all about closing cases. Until a small town waitress brings him a corruption case that is spiraling out of control. To protect her, he pops the question, putting himself between her and those who want her dead. 
Everyone in Haleswood knows Heather Morris simply as the waitress who serves coffee with a smile. So when Dale offers her a chance to make a difference bring down a major crime ring, she leaps at the opportunity to play his fiancée.
As Dale and Heather race to resolve the case, will it be the real enemy or the fake engagement that destroys their chance for a future?

Excerpt from The Suit

Tuesday December 30, Columbia, South Carolina

Special Agent Dale Nichols’s hands hovered over the keyboard as the ramifications of his mistake came together.
He’d rushed it. No, that wasn’t true. He’d blown it off, underestimating the source of the intel. He still didn’t understand why she’d brought it straight to him. She had closer friends who could have helped her.
Friends he would have taken more seriously had they delivered the same information.
The hotel desk chair squeaked in protest as Dale leaned back. His eyes on his computer monitor and his palms drumming against the hard plastic armrests, he considered his options.
She’d handed over compelling evidence. He wanted to get into the field and see for himself, but the data was damaging.
Dates and times. Cause and effect. He had to agree that someone in the Department of Natural Resources was abusing their authority and using remote state parks for personal gain.
From dogfighting.
Young, idealistic, Heather Morris of Haleswood, SC had discovered the situation and wanted him to stop it.
Contrary to popular opinion, the FBI didn’t just storm in and rip away cases from local law enforcement agencies on a whim.
But now he had to intervene. In his haste to sort out everything she’d dumped in his hands, he’d managed to expose her as the whistleblower.
Like so many things in South Carolina, the DNR was a small, close community. Heather wasn’t the only employee who processed data via telecommuting, but the inquiries he’d already made would lead directly back to her.
He shook his head and leaned forward once more, reviewing the words on the screen. Not maybe. Not even probably. He’d screwed this up.
The name at the head of the list mocked him. Anthony Lester.
If she was right and Lester was involved then this wasn’t a small group of friends who enjoyed a sickening sort of illegal diversion. Whether Heather realized it or not, she’d stumbled onto a sophisticated, well-financed criminal system. The probable corruption of state officials that would best facilitate the fights gave Dale and the FBI clear jurisdiction.
Just as she’d said when she handed him the jump drive.
He’d planned to call her and say he’d handle it, certain she didn’t realize what she’d uncovered. At first glance, he thought a few calls would do it. Tech support would unravel the money trail and electronic communications. Her brother, a deputy with the Haleswood Sheriff’s Department, could keep an eye on her and keep her out of Lester’s grasp.
Then he’d opened the final document. Read the names she’d decoded. Connected the dots.
He’d screwed up and made her a target.

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