Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Springer: Do you believe in soulmates? by Catherine Hope


This is the first step of the heartbreaking journey of Cerridwen Wyatt, the mysterious traveler from another world, and James Blackwood, a human who was trapped in the unfortunate circumstances. Their fateful meeting is the first step of the long and winding path of magic and secrets, love and loss, life and death. While travelling this path Cerridwen and James are to discover the strong bond they share, meet new friends and visit the depths of the world around them.

Later on, they realize that the peace that has been established by Sempiternals, the ancient creatures who protect balance, is in danger, as a powerful alchemist Alexander escaped his prison and about to avenge his enemies. Cerridwen and James are set to stop him, only to realize that there is more to this story than they originally thought. Teaming up with witches, springers and other unearthly beings, Cerridwen and James, by revealing the painful truth, are ready to face their personal demon.

The new vision on the old questions, such as love and afterlife, will help you reach the depths of your own mind. The soulmates and adventures, new realms and thrill will take you to the world, where anything, even the wildest dream, is possible.


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