Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 2015 Guest Post by Regan Black

August 11th will be a day of happy dancing around here when Last Strike, the newest installment of the Unknown Identities series, hits the virtual shelves. If you aren’t yet familiar with the series, Unknown Identities is a covert agency that offers an alternative for elite soldiers and spies facing criminal charges... if they can survive the program. 

Starting with John Noble of Bulletproof, these damaged and scarred (inside and out) alpha heroes have intrigued me and surprised me in the course of crafting their stories. From the beginning, there’s an assassin lurking in the background, unflinching loyal to the program director. And he gives John and the UI agents who follow plenty of trouble as they strive to reclaim control of their lives.

I knew shortly after I started this gritty, fast-paced series that I wanted to write Last Strike’s story. Maybe something’s a little ‘off’ with me, but I enjoy the dark edginess of a fictional assassin. Last Strike has forgotten everything about his life prior to UI, which made him an ideal candidate to become the director’s pet killer. 

The trick was finding the right woman, someone who could understand and ‘unlock’ the genuine man under the layers and layers of programming.

You can discover more about Last Strike, the UI series and the rest of my books that span the genres from paranormal romance to non-fiction at

Live the adventure!

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