Friday, September 4, 2015

Exit of the Ascended by Neal Tyree - $0.99!

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David Dante is your typical middle class guy. House, kid in college, and a job where technology is taking over. Every day he watches as his position becomes more and more obsolete. With bills piling up, and job prospects dwindling, all hope seems lost. But a simple routine procedure of getting a neural implant can change all of that. The neural implant will provide him with immediate access to vast knowledge, the ability to communicate telepathically, and enhanced processing capabilities, David Dante will be back on top, providing his family the life they always dreamed of for a small price….his humanity. Exit of the Ascended is an unnerving vision of a future where being connected isn’t for social networking, it’s for your livelihood.

About the Author

Between being an Army dependent and then being a soldier, I got the opportunity to travel to many countries. I learned many lessons as I found myself in different and new places and experiences. After the army I held many jobs while I went to college for Math and Computer Science. I worked as a pizza maker, as a mechanic, as a loader at UPS, and many different jobs in construction. Eventually I became a Software Developer. I have always had a love for anything science related. This includes science fiction. Much of my free time is spent working on different alternative fuel experiments. Some of these experiments like those with hydrogen can be more dangerous than those working with solar cells. These different experiments keeps a lot of excitement in my life. As far as enjoying reading, it is something I started at an early age. Many times as a child our family was in a situation where we didn’t have television or we only had one or two channels when they would come in. The house always had a big collection of books my parents would read. By about sixth grade, I started reading them. The genre was primarily Science Fiction. As opposed to children’s books, adult books captured my attention so much more. I wanted to be able to that for other people. I started writing stories shortly after I started reading adult books. As an adult I have tried many times to write a book. There always seemed to be some obstacle I would allow to stop me. With “Exit of the Ascended”, it came easy. I had thought about the stories for years. When it came time to write it, it flowed like an obsession. Very few things in my life have given me the same amount of pleasure as writing that book. With “Exit of the Ascended” completed, I have begun to write the sequel. There are many ideas I have had over the years for different books. Maybe it is age, but I take the time now to put towards writing. Now I will write down the ideas and try to develop them into stories which would make an entertaining read.

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