Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Keeping the Muse Happy: Guest Post by Author Regan Black

With five urban fantasy novels and several short stories in the Shadows of Justice series, and the fast-paced adventures of the Unknown Identities crew, readers often ask me why I wandered into the lighthearted side of the paranormal romance realm with the Matchmaker series.

My first response is my muse demanded a change-up, and prodded me to explore a world a little brighter and fluffier. I wanted the Matchmaker series to be novels readers could escape with for a few hours, full of characters and romance that would leave them with a smile.

There are definitely elements of my storytelling that cross over no matter the genre. The happy-ever-after of course, but it was exciting to discover whether the story walks on the dark or on the lighter side, my leading ladies are strong women who want to triumph over circumstances, not just get through them.

Alpha heroines are just second nature for me, my muse, and the heroes who fall in love with them. I enjoy writing kick-butt women who can do all the things I can only dream of physically and know what they want most from life. Women who, as Julia Quinn said, ‘I'd happily count among my best friends’.

You can discover more about The Matchmaker Series and the rest of my books that span the genres from paranormal romance to romantic suspense to non-fiction at

Live the adventure!

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