Thursday, October 22, 2015

Duplicity: Clean Read Edition by Vicki Hinze Review

Title: Duplicity
Author: Vicki Hinze
Genre: Suspense
Pages: 361
Price: $3.99
Thoughts: Would make a great movie!

Book Synopsis:

Would you ruin your career for a man you know is guilty?

On the cusp of realizing her dream as a career military attorney, Captain Tracy Keener is ordered to defend Captain Adam Burke, a Special Operations officer accused of abandoning his team and leaving them to die. Everyone knows he’s guilty and defending him will cost Tracy her career, but she has no choice.

Captain Burke swears he was framed. Swears he’d acted under orders. Swears things that can’t possibly be true: breaches requiring corruption at the highest levels, the deliberate sacrifice of an entire military team. Impossible!

Until they’re proven fact. Under cease and desist orders and then threats to drop the case and let Burke go down, Tracy and Adam rebel, push for truth. . . and are targeted for assassination. To their horror, they discover others too are marked for death—millions of Americans Adam and she swore an oath to defend at any cost, including their own lives.

Yet to succeed, Tracy and Adam must risk more than their lives. They must risk their hearts. That proves far harder when trapped in an intricate web of Duplicity.


I really enjoyed this book. My first thought was that it would make a great movie. This is an addictive book that I highly recommend to those that enjoy a good suspense novel.

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