Friday, October 9, 2015

Her Perfect Life by Vicki Hinze

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While flying a routine border patrol mission over Iraq, Air Force Captain Katie Slater's plane is downed and hurtled deep into enemy territory.

Everyone thinks she's dead.
 But Katie awakens to injury and captivity.

She remains a hopeless P.O.W. for six long years. Finally, aided by a compassionate guard, she is rescued and returns home. Finally, she is free!

But the perfect life she had left behind with her husband, Sam, and her children, Molly and Jake, has vanished. Sam has remarried. Her children, who barely remember her, have another mother they love. And Katie's former copilot, C.D. Quade, her rock and confidant, is tormented by the guilt of having left her behind. Nothing is the same.

Katie has lost everything. She must come to terms with the loss, with her imperfect past, and her uncertain future. During her years of captivity, she shuttered to survive. Now, what of her memories is real and what is tricks of the mind? Uncertain, she's determined to confront the truth. To put the military behind her, and take a chance on a dream of opening her own garden center. She finds peace in the garden. Yet many obstacles remain and even she is unconvinced she has the strength to start a new life. Can she begin again? Rebuild her perfect life?

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