Thursday, October 22, 2015

Holidays in Ocean Alley: Special to the Jolie Gentil Series by Elaine Orr

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Aunt Madge is staying briefly in Ocean Alley's Silver Times Assisted Living Apartments. That's what happens when you stand on a stool to hang garland and lose your balance. Her niece Jolie's good friend Scoobie has been known to call the place detention central.

Madge's broken wrist and ankle are healing enough that she hopes to join the family at her Cozy Corner Bed and Breakfast for Christmas. The body that falls into her apartment in the wee hours one morning kind of changes things.

Could the killer have come into the building intent on murder, or was it a crime of opportunity? Madge has a list of suspects, including a woman who wants an apartment vacated so she can move in and a philandering former professor of Scoobie's.

Does the killer think Aunt Madge knows something she shouldn't? Will Madge follow the advice she regularly gives Jolie -- to accept that she may not ever know all the answers? It's not looking like it.

* * *

In this "between the numbers" book of the Jolie Gentil series, the story is told from Aunt Madge and Scoobie's points of view. Readers often say these are their favorite characters, and with Aunt Madge laid up, Jolie has a few other things on her mind.

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