Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life, Soul Being Soul by Carrie Louise Excerpt

Life, Soul Being Soul by Carrie Louise
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It has been my discovery that no matter how happy, positive, or content I feel, living with more feels better. For me, "Life Soul Being Soul" makes each day feel better.

"Life, Soul Being Soul" is totally UNIQUE to each reader. Unlike the majority of self-help books, it is based on a daily routine of opening the book to a random page. This author's personal understanding of this process is that the page choice is not random but guided by God, Universe, or the user's belief in a higher power. This method means that each person's daily focus will most likely be different from every other user's.

There are approximately 200 word pages. On each page, there is one positive, inspiring word upon which to focus. The interpretation and use of the chosen word is left up to each reader, thus providing a wide-open avenue for self discovery. The book does not request change, although change is inherent in the process. The book does promote the possibility of discovering the inner self (soul) and becoming more content and involved with life.


I came to realize several years ago that there was a part of my mind, which, when in
control, made me feel uncomfortable, not at peace. This part of me dwelt on the past and
future, the “should haves” and “what ifs”. It needed to worry and be in total control of my
life. Its answers, love, and fulfillment came from external sources rather than from
within. It was noisy, repetitive, negative, judgmental, and tended toward addiction. It was
based in fear, and LIFE wasn’t fun.

While working to replace this energy and time depleting ‘me’, to create my ‘tool box’,
and to live within what I believed to be my origins as a peaceful soul-nature, I read many
inspirational passages. I wanted to use the strength of those encouraging, loving words to
help me redefine myself into a positive, productive being. I tried writing down passages
and taking them with me for reference. This didn’t work. Next, I tried carrying these
passages in my mind and mentally referring to them when feeling out of balance. By the
middle of the day, I was caught up in trying to remember the wording rather than the
meaning. Enter inspiration!

The method you now have is extremely individualized in its approach. Daily word
choices come from the inner voice, aka the Higher Self. Additionally, it is based on the
concepts that less is more; that we each remember through repetition, either by reading
silently (visual), hearing words (auditory), and/or writing words (tactile); that action will
more quickly affirm and heal; and that Mind is at the center of all results. This method
promotes the practice of mindfulness.

There are approximately 200 word pages. Each daily word page is chosen ‘randomly’
using intuition rather than ego. Because each reader is unique, there are words they won’t
ever need as a focus. Other words will be repeated when needed. Each page has the
words ‘I AM’ followed by one word repeated seven times. What follows is a sampling of
daily word choices:

kind        nurtured           sharing            nourished
strong        love               nurturing         soul
laughter    spirit              lyrical              outward
laughing    one                simplicity        loving
open      strength             living              synchronous

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