Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Life, Soul Being Soul without Drama by Carrie Louise Review

Title: Life, Soul Being Soul without Drama
Author: Carrie Louise
Genre: Personal Growth
Pages: 204
Price: $6.50 or FREE for Prime Members
Thoughts: Reduce the drama and improve your life.

Book Synopsis:

Releasing Drama and Moving into Authenticity

We, as humans being human, are living in a world of self-created drama. Because we are alive, and because we have our own personal histories, it is a given that the beliefs spawned by our histories are playing out during our present day.

As children, we learned about family, religious, neighborhood, societal, and peer beliefs and associated drama roles. We assimilated and tried out the roles we thought might help us feel important, be loved, and keep us safe.

As adults, it would be wise for us to explore our day-to-day beliefs, thoughts, and the resulting scripts in which we perform on a regular basis.

When intuitively choosing one page per day, "Life, Soul Being Soul without Drama" will help each reader identify many causes and effects of drama and offer possible solutions for ridding ourselves of drama patterns that no longer serve the adult life of a seeker of peace and happiness. We can then live our authentic "Life, Soul Being Soul".


I equate this book to pulling weeds from a garden. Each day, you'll choose a page and be given advice on a drama causing event. It's up to you to look through the garden that is your life, and pull the nasty weeds that are preventing you from living the happiest life possible. Once you start to deal with and banish the drama from your life, you'll notice a vast improvement in how you feel.

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