Saturday, November 7, 2015

Comanche Moon by Marilyn Gardiner Excerpt


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Spring has come early along the Oregon Trail. Jenny Nation, her husband and five-year-old daughter are only three weeks into the trip by wagon train when Daniel is killed. Frozen in grief and fear, Jenny must make up her mind whether to press on with the train or turn around and go back to Independence. She chooses to go on, knowing she’ll have to drive the wagon alone, care for the oxen, hunt for food, and possibly fight Indians. Through stultifying heat, terrifying storms, walking beside the oxen, a buffalo stampede, and the kidnapping of her daughter by the Comanches, Jenny refuses to give up. “Every step brings me closer to Oregon,” she tells herself, over and over again. Jenny somehow finds romance with the train’s guide, Zane Thatcher. To keep Jenny—a lone woman—from being thrown off the train as a burden, Zane agrees to be responsible for her. However, it isn’t easy because Jenny insists on being independent and they argue at every juncture. In spite of it all, she faces the challenges of the trail with growing confidence, courage, and humor. “Every step…Oregon. Every step….”

A dry sob filled Jenny’s throat. She ground 
her teeth together and squeezed her eyes shut to keep from crying. 

There were only six of them now—four men from the train, 
and Zane and her. Would that be enough to take Sophie away 
from the Indians when they found them? Six guns. 

Oh God, please protect her. Don’t let anything bad happen to 
her. Bring her back to me safely. Father God, surround her with 
the protective shelter of your arms. Please. Please. She is so precious. 
Don’t let her be afraid. 

As if Zane read her mind, he drew her close. “Just hang on,” 
he said into her hair. “We’ll find her. Don’t let yourself think of 
anything else. We’ll find her.” 

Jenny clung to his strong, solid body. What she didn’t say, 
what she didn’t dare put into words, was that, in the dim light of 
the wagon when she saw Sophie being lifted, she’d thought for 
an instant it was Iron Eagle.

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