Friday, December 4, 2015

Shadows to Light (Shadows of Justice Book 5) by Regan Black Excerpt

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The year is 2096 and as part of a covert team searching for a missing government scientist, Jameson is tasked with staring at a laboratory building day in and day out. The boredom is overwhelming until the one woman he cannot forget, shows up in a place she should never be.

A supernatural healer, Mira escapes a trial of her peers only to be sent on an impossible mission: Rescue her scientist father from a madman who's using him to create bio-weapons. But she's no spy. On her own, with no real clues, she isn't sure where to turn.

Forced together by circumstance, Mira and Jameson enter an adventure that will push them to their limits - and quite possibly beyond.

Excerpt from Shadows to Light


2094: a combat zone in North Africa

The sirens cried 'incoming' outside the triage tent and Mira followed standard protocol to protect the patients on her end of the facility. The vicious chatter of automatic weapons seeking the incoming MEDEVAC helicopter barely registered, she had such faith in the Soldiers charged with keeping the medical unit safe.
"Hard to believe there was a day when that big red cross equaled neutral territory."
Her closest patient made a noise that combined coughing with laughter. "No respect in the modern era, huh?"
"None," she agreed with a smile. She reached for his wrist, found his pulse kicking, and gave him a gentle nudge with her innate healing gift to calm him down. "We'll get you out safely. Just rest."
"Yeah, got plenty of that coming." He smiled up at her. "How about you come with me?"
She felt herself blushing, though he was hardly the first to make an overture. "You'll be glad I'm not in the way when you get to the hospital ship. The nurses are a lot more attractive out there." She ran her hand over the stained bandage, pulsed in a little more energy to slow the bleeding and reduce any infection from the shrapnel lodged so deep in his side the field surgeon had decided passing him up the line to the Navy hospital was his best bet.
"Now get some rest," she ordered with a smile. He was young and healthy and she told herself he'd survive and go on to live a long life without much lingering physical pain.
"I think you've made me better already." He caught her hand before she could move away. "You must be the one they talk about."
"I think you've lost some common sense along with the blood." Mira ran an experienced glance over the patient in the next bed, but the morphine pump pushing the painkiller into his system put him beyond caring or comprehension of their conversation.
"Nah. Word gets around when good stuff happens in this hellhole. They've been talking about a nurse who heals with just a touch. A dark angel," he added with a nod to her hair.
She shook her head, added an indulgent smile. "That'd be the grim reaper, wouldn't it? I bet 'they' were on some powerful drugs."
"Sweetheart, this is my third tour in four years, I know how to tell one end of the bull from the other."
Crap. Once again it was time to move on, find a new position. Maybe even return to the states. She'd thought being in a mobile triage unit would prevent this sort of thing.
"Around here we've just got a great team and a good system, but we're fresh out of angels."
"You are her."
"If you need to think so." The wash of the helicopter's blades pressed in on the tent, saving her from more questions. "That must be your ride."

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