Thursday, January 14, 2016

Slamdunked By Love by Jamie Wesley



Revenge is supposed to be sweet...

Caitlin Monroe is ready to confront her past. Years ago, her father ditched her mother for the NBA, leaving her pregnant and alone. Now he’s a big-shot coach, and Caitlin’s ready to take the so-called “ family man” down. But on her way to the team gala, her car dies, and it’s her father’s sexy new star player who comes to her rescue.

Brady Hudson wants nothing more than to put his past behind him and concentrate on winning the championship for his new team. But when he finds himself the recipient of unwanted attention—attention that could destroy his career—he introduces the beautiful woman he saved on the side of the road as his "girlfriend."

Brady needs to focus on his job. And Caitlin isn’t about to date an athlete whose career is riding on her father—though he is a convenient way to get the dirt she needs. But sometimes love has other ideas, and it’s not long before their pretend relationship becomes a liability neither can resist...


He laughed again. “Since you know my name, seems only fair that I know yours.”
She hesitated. It felt a little revealing, a little personal giving him that piece of info. Like they were forming a connection. Which was ridiculous. How many thousands of times had she introduced herself to people? Telling him her name would mean exactly nothing. “Caitlin.”
Ms. Caitlin.” Her name had never sounded so sexy rolling off the tongue. He propped his hand on the roof of the car and glanced around before returning his attention to her. “Look, it’s dark out here. How about I stay with you until the tow truck gets here?”
Wait. What? Mr. Self-involved was going to stay with a woman he didn’t know for who-knows-how-long? “You don’t have to do that.”
He shrugged. “I know, but you’re rubbing off on me. It’s dark and quiet. A little scary. I can’t leave you out here by yourself.” He placed a hand over his heart, his lips tilting upward. “Humor me.”
Struck dumb by his winning smile, the answer popped out before she could stop it. “Okay.”
He slipped off his jacket and relaxed against the backseat door. Awkward silence filled the air—at least on her part. He looked cool as could be, like it would never occur to him to even think about having a worry in the world. Still, she couldn’t leave him out there by himself. Well, she could, but that would be rude. He was being nice. With a sigh, she unlocked her seat belt and stepped gingerly out of the car, taking a moment to gather her footing. As cute as her shoes were, she didn’t wear spindly, four-inch heels every day. Falling on her butt would be the evening’s final indignity.
He straightened from his perch. “I misspoke.”
That didn’t sound good. She frowned and took a hasty step back. “About what? Being an undercover serial killer?”
He laughed again, drawing her eyes to lips she’d undoubtedly be dreaming about tonight. Which was not okay. Neither was the way he smelled. Like leather and soap. All man. “No, I said you looked fancy. That was an understatement.”
He did nothing to hide the appreciation in his eyes.

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