Friday, January 22, 2016

The Chase by Mary Hagen Excerpt

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Four women leave on a backpacking trip in a Colorado Mountain Wilderness area as a farewell to one of them. September weather threatens their safety, but they decide the weather will improve. On the first night out, they are attacked by four escaped convicts using the same route as the women in the hopes of avoiding the law. The men threaten the safety of the women and threaten to kill them. One woman is knocked unconscious, two are tied to trees, and one is tortured by the men.

Knowing she must free herself, Tanya Hudson struggles to release her hands from the rope bindings and help the other three women, Rebecca, Cindy, and Julie get free. Her hopes become pinned on her miniature poodle to alert her fiancĂ©, Greg, that the women are in trouble. It’s a race against time in this survival thriller.


A rag bundle of blue and red cloth lay at the base of a cliff. As he turned it over, he looked into unseeing eyes, Tanya's deep brown eyes, lifeless and vacant. A moan escaped him, but he uttered no words, no calling out for Tanya to come back.

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