Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Monarch: Emerging from Her Cocoon by Luci Cosway Excerpt



Becca Lambert has her vacation sex all planned, but when she goes to meet her boyfriend at the airport, he’s arriving with his wife and kids in tow. Frustrated and angry, Becca turns to anonymous online sex instead. Nick Hartley is in a new town and looking for some casual sex when he finds Becca. Now, he wants to convince her that they should ditch the screen time and hook up in person. Can this Butterfly find her way out of her cocoon?

The Monarch is an erotica short novella of 24K words, featuring m/f/f and m/m/f scenes. The second story in Butterfly Basics collection is planned for April, 2016.


She bit her thumb nail and then the inside of her lower lip, rationalizing the choices before her. Sure, she was in New Orleans and likely could find someone here to spend the time with, but there were diseases and other dangers to consider.  The chances were better than average that any man she met would be another version of either James or her ex-husband, liars and cheats. Her glass was nearly empty when she made her decision. She logged in to a familiar adult forum, deciding to keep her fantasies virtual and anonymous. It was a local forum and since she didn't want her sexual fantasies to intrude in her real life, she worked hard to remain anonymous. The only factoid about herself she let slip through was her love of butterflies, hence her avatar: a tiny Monarch.
At least this way I can assume he's lying to me -- and not break up someone's home, happy or otherwise.
Becca refilled her wine glass and began typing.
After six months of teasing and sexting, my fuck-filled vacation got destroyed when the bastard showed up with his wife and kids. I'm stuck in one of the most sexy, sin-filled cities in the country and I'm horny. Who wants to play?
 She hit enter and leaned back, draining the glass. She sighed, and slid her mouse up to the delete key, ready to undo her bold invitation. Before she could hit enter, her phone beeped the arrival of a text message. Becca let go of the mouse and picked up the phone. Her face was flushed with the warmth of nearly a full bottle of wine and no dinner as she read James' message, a cutesy question about where "they" were staying and full of emoticons. Becca blanched and felt nauseated again, reading the innuendo in his message and remembering his hand-holding with his wife.
For a long moment, she considered actually meeting him, just long enough to find out what excuse he would be using to leave her hotel room every night, how he would explain the need to spend the days with his children. Finally, she decided that even hundreds of miles from home, she wasn't the type to make a scene in public. She stared hard at the phone for just a moment before texting back.
I don't know where you are staying with your wife, but it should be far from me. She looks just like your daughter and she deserves better than you. Don't contact me again or I will contact her.

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