Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pick Your Passion: Come a Little Closer by Nancy Naigle & Kelsey Browning



Come A Little Closer is #2 in the Novella collection Always On My Mind and Come A Little Closer
These are the Pick-Your-Passion books where the readers gets to pick whether they read the “sweet” or “heat” love scenes.

Take nothing for granted…

Serve and protect. That’s what Sheriff Teague Castro promised the good people of Bartell County, Georgia. But when he reunites with his first love, his supporters suddenly wonder if he’s too distracted to uphold his sworn commitment.

When Jenny buys an expensive house Teague could never afford on a sheriff’s salary, small-town gossip runs wild. If he can’t take care of his own family, is he fit to protect a whole county? Until his job is secure, Teague presses pause on his love life.

But when a crisis calls him to the front line, it triggers memories from a tragic case still haunting him. Only this time, Jenny’s life is on the line, and the confrontation could quickly turn Teague’s forever into never.

***A PICK YOUR PASSION Novella from Kelsey and Nancy - pick your passion level - sweet or heat as you enjoy the continuing romance of Sheriff Teague Castro and Jenny Cady. Let us know how you like the PYP feature by emailing

Chapter One

Walking down Main Street, Sheriff Teague Castro truly understood what the phrase on top of the world meant. The Georgia sky was a clear blue, and in late September there was a hint of cool in the air, just enough to make him think of picking apples and sharing hayrides pulled by Mr. Caldwell’s team of donkeys.
And since the love of his life had recently moved here from Boston, he was eager for the weather to cool off. That would allow him to sit on his porch wrapped in a blanket with her, and if Jenny didn’t happen to have all her clothes on at the time, all the better.
It was only a short stroll from the sheriff’s office to the town square. He opened Icing On The Cake’s front door, and the customers sitting at small tables were almost overshadowed by the bakery’s bright yellow-and-pink-striped walls. But his momentary grand mal seizure was quickly soothed as the scent of vanilla and sugar rolled over him.
Hey there, Sheriff.” The bakery’s owner, Desi Fanning, looked up from stocking her counters with brownies the size of Teague’s palm. “You sure look happy today. Want to let the rest of us in on your source of sunshine?”
Fall-like weather and not a single arrest all week. I’d say that’s enough to make a man smile.”
Her eyes danced with mischief as she leaned on the counter and pushed her glossy red braid behind one shoulder. He admired a woman like her, one who’d had a tough time but was strong enough to start over. From the rumors, her ex-husband was one of those possessive guys, the kind whose actions could have easily tipped over into abuse territory. So it was great to see Desi so happy and relaxed. “Oh, and it has nothing to do with you being in loooove?”
He laughed. Since Desi and Jenny were both relatively new to town and had kids around the same age, it hadn’t taken them long to become fast friends. “Jenny’s always good for my mood.”
Although he was grateful Jenny’s divorce had given them the opportunity to start over, he was also impatient to start living the life they should’ve built together years ago.
Down, Castro. No one’s going to take her away from you again.
After all, he’d been the one to ruin things years ago. And in all that time, no other woman had been able to get to him the way Jenny did. When she married some country-club type up north, he thought he’d never get another chance to let her know how much she meant to him.
Now, he would prove every day to Jenny and her nine-year-old son, Grayson, that they meant more to him than anything in this world.
As well she should be. What can I get you today?” She tapped her cheek with a finger then pointed at him. “Wait a minute. Bet I can guess. Eclairs?”
In a town of fewer than ten thousand people, it was hard for a man to have secrets. Still, he had to try to maintain a little mystery. “Maybe I want some of those Ranger cookies over there.”
No. Two eclairs, please.”
Thought so.” She was already reaching for a box and opening the case piled with cream puffs, little pies, and eclairs. “Sure you don’t want a half dozen?”
Just two.” Last time he’d taken treats out to Summer Haven, Jenny had scolded him, telling him if he didn’t stop feeding her, she wouldn’t be able to fit into her jeans. Didn’t keep her from eating the eclairs though. She might be addicted to the pastries, but he was addicted to the sweet taste of cream filling and chocolate from her kisses.
And if you asked him, her jeans looked excellent when they were a little tight.

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