Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sam's Story: Book One (Skylar Trilogy 1) by Amy D. Crusan Kramer



In this captivating saga, Samantha Skylar experiences undying passion and endures one horrific act of brutality that sweeps her into the arms of the second most powerful man in the country. Samantha’s journey takes her from the poverty and close-minded attitudes of a tiny, coal-mining town in West Virginia, to the estate of one of Atlanta’s oldest and wealthiest families. This epic trilogy follows Samantha from the age of 14 to 40.

Book One opens in 1978. Sam is fourteen and living in Boone County, West Virginia, a place that isn't accepting of Roe v. Wade or the Equal Rights Amendment. Sam is different; she knows it and her doting grandmother knows it. Neither of them is content with the idea of her ending up the way her sisters did: married to a coal miner and raising another generation of miners and downtrodden women. As the beneficiary of her grandma's love, Sam absorbed her progressive outlook and beliefs, which caused her to question the status quo.

Of course, being different isn't a good thing in a small conservative town, both Sam and her grandmother discover that in the cruelest way possible. Tragedy strikes and we're given a glimpse of the strength that lies within Samantha and how she deals with adversity. The first book follows Sam to Atlanta and chronicles her first four turbulent months in her new city.



SUBJECT’S FULL LEGAL NAME: Samantha Arlene Skylar

SUBJECT’S ADDRESS: 1732 12th Avenue, Unit 1, Atlanta, GA 30301

SUBJECT’S DOB: January 15, 1964


REASON FOR INVESTIGATION: Subject has been offered a position with Senator Daniel Carrington (D – Pennsylvania). If Vice Presidential bid is successful in November 1992 election, she may be working for VP Carrington in White House.

Subject is estranged from all biological relatives. Her immediate family currently resides in Boone County, West Virginia, and consists of biological mother (Esther), two older siblings (Emily and Allison) and their husbands and children. Her biological father (Martin) was killed in a coal mining accident in 1974.
The Skylar family has lived in and around Boone County, West Virginia, for generations. There was a significant dispute over land rights with a well-established family from Atlanta, Georgia – the Devereaux family. The Skylars accused the Devereauxs of swindling them out of their land in which the Devereauxs found a large amount of coal. The Devereauxs have been successfully and lucratively mining it for years. The Devereauxs contend that they entered into a legal partnership with the Skylars but the Skylars made poor investments, ran up large gambling debts and ended up having to sell their half of the mine to the Devereauxs at a much-reduced price.
The Skylars are far to the right of the political spectrum. They are long-standing members of the local evangelical Baptist church. There is one exception in Samantha’s family: her maternal grandmother (Arlene Vivienne Knight) stood out in the staunchly conservative town. She was instrumental in the establishment of an underground support system for battered women. She was very out-spoken about reproductive rights years before Roe v. Wade. Samantha was very close to her maternal grandmother.

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