Tuesday, October 25, 2016

31 Days of Halloween - Demons Don't Always Tell The Truth by Meredith Allen Conner


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Kate Storm is on the hunt for some answers. She knew her demon boyfriend Ash had been hiding something from her. But she never imagined his secret had anything to do with her. The information sends her reeling. Her fairy secretary starts acting odd. And she can’t get a read on a new client. The answers to her questions might be more than she can handle, especially if black magic is involved.


Ash ran a soothing hand up my back. “I’m sorry, Kate. I’ve got to go.”
“You’re leaving? Now?”
He ran his fingers down the side of my cheek. Pressed his thumb over my lips.
“I have to.”
“I don’t suppose you’re planning to tell me where you’re going or why?” I mumbled the question against his skin.
I knew the answer already. We’d played out this exact same scene countless times.
Ash stood and lifted me in the same motion. Comfortable in his strength and his power.
He set me down, kissed me hard. “I’ll call you tomorrow.”
Two seconds later he walked out of my apartment.
Usually, Ash argues with me more. He gets testy when I question him. I’d thought it was more male ego than anything. I didn’t like it that he hid something from me, but I hadn’t been overly concerned. I’d figured it would all come out as our relationship developed.
I’d have to reconsider that.
Ash had definitely been bothered about something.
And my name had been in that text.

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