Wednesday, October 5, 2016

31 Days of Halloween - Tracking Shadows by Regan Black

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Tracking Shadows is book 4 in the Shadows of Justice series and includes the bonus short story, A Gala Extraction:

When your past becomes your future you'll find yourself Tracking Shadows:
In Chicago, Slick Micky is the king of smuggling. Known to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere, he specializes in caffeine and sugar and works in the anonymity of shadows. But recently an old enemy is tired of waiting for Micky's empire to crumble and has called in the best assassin in the business to take him out.

Trina Durham is an assassin with a sterling reputation, thanks to her unique ability to induce deadly hallucinations. When Slick Micky killed her best friend, she left Chicago - forever. She's back now, unable to resist the perfect opportunity for vengeance. But no one warned her Slick Micky might as well be a shadow. Or that shedding light on the man and his secrets would put both her heart and reputation at risk.

Trina fought the impulse to confess it all. "You really think kissing me senseless and getting chatty will make me give up my employer?"
The resulting chill from Micky was palpable. "I'd hoped." He sighed into the gloom. "The thing is you really don't know what you're up against, what war you've stepped into."
She searched for the words to disagree without giving herself away. "You were so kind to me. You weren't the criminal sort."
"I dealt contraband in the high school lunchroom, Trina."
"Like sugar's really gonna kill anyone. You know what I mean." She shifted, an idea forming. "Leave it behind. Come with me and let someone else take the heat. Chicago's not the only place to have a life."
"It's not that easy."
"It should be." Her temper was creeping up again. "You just like it here. You're high on the power and the title and whatever you've got running here."
"It's more than a title. It's a calling." He held up a hand when she tried to interrupt. "The point is I am Slick Micky now and I'm not ready to give it up."
She wanted to believe it was greed, pure and simple. Just hit the rewind button and go back to when Slick Micky was an anonymous criminal she could remove with impunity.
Except she recognized her dear friend in the depths of that green gaze, obviously holding out hope that she'd understand.
"I need information if I'm going to survive this latest attempt to put me out of business," he said. "Information I believe you have."
She sighed. They were back to the impasse and what a fool she'd been.

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