Saturday, January 28, 2017

You Majored in What?: The Liberal Arts Graduates' Guide to Entering Business

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Graduates or soon-to-be graduates of liberal arts courses are constantly asked "What will you do with THAT degree?" Veteran business executive and history major Ben Kitay tells us that the answer is "anything you want". This book provides a practical, no nonsense guide for recent graduates who did not study business but want to enter the job market. Starting with personal stories of his own, then looking at statistics and articles that show the truth about earning potential for liberal arts students, Kitay proves that the liberal arts graduate is actually more prepared for business than many of their peers who studied business.

Included are concise and insightful guides to dressing for success, finding work, successful interviewing, and how to get started.

Graduates who studied history, fine arts, language, literature, or any subject other than business will want to read this book if they plan to enter the business world.

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