Thursday, February 2, 2017

Phantom Baby by Sharon Love Cook



Phantom Baby is a Triple-A tale of adultery, addiction and abduction. 

Forty year-old Iris Camuso’s life is unraveling in a most disappointing way. When she discovers a photo of a sexy bartender in husband Frank's tackle box and confronts him, he storms out of the house and right into the younger woman’s arms. Meanwhile, her pregnant teenage daughter, Shannon, drops out of school and soon falls into the clutches of Nancy Proctor, the charismatic director of an upscale adoption agency who promises Shannon a new life in exchange for her signing away her rights to her baby. Iris, desperate to adopt her grandchild and salvage some part of her old life, realizes her past—rife with bad choices, hidden guilt, overpowering regret, and illicit desire—is keeping the shattered pieces of her world from ever coming together again. Desperate women commit desperate acts. How far will Iris go to get her life back?

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