Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Legacy at Liberty Lake by Cheryl Devenney

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Carly, a southern California high school grad, is plucked from her beach vacation and dropped on a farm in upstate New York to visit relatives of the deceased father-she-never-knew. She couldn’t care less to meet them, let alone hear about her dead ancestors. That is, until she learns of her 19 year old great-grandmother, Tina, the daughter of Italian immigrants living during the 1930’s depression.

Tina becomes the caregiver to her widowed father and three siblings, and must put her dream of being a NYC fashion designer on hold, indefinitely. She is forced to remain on the south side of a small town amid poverty, prejudice and political corruption. When she meets Tommy, a local young bootlegger, she snubs him for perpetuating the ethnic labels always inflicted on her family and friends.

Despite this, he continues to woo her until their lives take a tragic turn when one boy drowns, and her brother is critically injured while swimming in dangerous local waterways. The incidents incite contention within the town, that threaten Tina’s family and friends, while creating more of a wedge between her and Tommy.

The two go their separate ways to pursue their ambitions. But eventually, family and childhood ties take them back home, where they unite to fight a cause brought on by discrimination in the town. As a result, they are forced to make choices that could jeopardize them and their careers.

Legacy at Liberty Lake reveals the passion of a family and a neighborhood’s determination to defy stereotypes, in order to achieve a piece of the American Dream.

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