Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Destiny (Forever & Always Book 1) by Cindy Springsteen

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Forever & Always ~ Fate - Book 2 in the series coming soon!


Danny and Cassidy meet as teens and fall in love. Their tumultuous relationship brings misery and happiness to Cassidy. The story is told from her perspective and brings the reader into her emotions and trials. Determined and loyal, the once shy girl fights for a love that she cannot let go of. Her belief that Danny is her destiny perpetuates her longtime fight to bring them together.

Tragedy befalls her in her twenties and she has to face the fact that she has lost Danny. Still, their love seems to live on and she meets the obstacles head on. The story walks the reader through her difficult life. At times, you may want to scream at just give up. Her journey will pull at you and make you feel many emotions: love, betrayal, rage and a desperate heartbreak.

Can they learn to let go of a love that always seemed to prevail, or has destiny set a path for them that's beyond their control?

Amazon Reviewer -  What a wonderful love story that spans the test of time. It explains how much another person can truly impact our lives and etch themselves into our hearts forever. A deep-rooted teenage romance that never lets go and definately pulls at every heartstring. This is a well-written book that drew me right into the story. A book to share and pass on to my daughters and to anyone else who has ever felt the emotional roller coaster of undying true love. This is a story that anyone who has ever been in love, experienced love loss or been lost in love can surely relate to. 

Cindy Springsteen is also the author of the Waffles and Pancakes Children's Series 

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