Wednesday, October 17, 2018

It Happened One Christmas by Kathy Carmichael - $0.99 Goodie!



Billionaire CEO Nat Danvers has good looks, money, power, prestige—everything—except the one thing he really needs. But only in the loneliest corners of his frozen heart is he aware something is missing. Christmas Eve arrives to find Nat alone in his penthouse office, filling out layoff notices while his employees unknowingly celebrate at the office holiday party. In breezes the most incredibly beautiful woman he's ever seen. Daphne, part angel, part human, has been sent by the Angelic Council to teach Nat some tough lessons in the hope his hardened heart will melt. She has only one night in which to help him. With the clock ticking before he must go, can love find a way to touch them both? This is the new sweet & clean version of Angel Be Good.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

FREE: The Ultimate Guide: YouTube SEO Demystified


Download Free the Latest YouTube SEO Strategies Book

What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the techniques which will allow your content to show up high in search results. When you create YouTube videos, your goal should always be to rank highest on both Google & YouTube.
The key to getting ranked high in YouTube and on Google is easier than you think. With a few simple SEO tweaks, your videos can start showing up high in search results drawing in subscribers and customers.
We created the YouTube SEO eBook for YouTubers who want to grow their audience & build their brand.
In this book you will discover:
  • 16 hot hacks to get ranked high both on YouTube & Google
  • The best optimization tips such as, “Should you make your videos long or short”
  • How to quickly do keyword research
The 16 hot hacks in this book give the optimizations you can “bake” into each of your videos very easily & quickly.

YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide, is available free for Zavesti Inner Circle members. Sign-up (free) to get instant download access to the eBook.
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Friday, October 12, 2018

The Blogger Trailmap: How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level in Easy Steps



"The Blogger Trailmap" is great both for beginners who are about to start a blog, as well as those bloggers who are established and ready to grow.

This book brings for you a proven plan, tools & templates you need for incredible success. This power-packed concise guide can help you in many ways:

Templates to set clear goals and craft a blogging roadmap, avoid common mistakes, and how to get started quickly.
With a focus on action, this book brings for you the tools, templates, and checklists to help you quickly Implement what you learn in every section of the book.
Gives you a proven framework for creating content which people would love to read and share.
Simplifies every critical aspect of a blog - e.g. Magnetic Headlines, Copywriting, Swipe Files SEO, Sales Funnel, Landing Page and email Harvest.
Crush it on social media without going crazy - Build a list of raving fans and subscribers on autopilot without constant hustling.
Secrets to rank high in search engines with SEO best practices so that you can grow your traffic and get readers to come find you.
An easy-to-follow, systematic process to make money through your blog & grow your business.

Above all, you will learn that you don’t need fancy tech or cool tricks to grow your blog!

Whether you are a hobby blogger or blogging for profit, I am confident that this book would give you game-changing ideas to make your blog more meaningful and hugely successful.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Breaking Challenges ~ The Davis Twins Series: The Next Generation by Ann Omasta



The next generation of Davis twins is here, and these dashing heroes are just as sexy and full of surprises as the first set of Davis twin brothers.

Tyler Davis has finally accepted that his identical twin brother, Tristan, will always be the golden one. The only thing that truly matters to Ty is his long-term crush, Alexis Bell. He longs for beautiful, lovable Lexi to choose him.

Tristan Davis is sexy, charismatic, and charming. He's a winner. It's not his fault that his twin brother isn't. Tristan knows how Ty feels about Lexi, but the gorgeous, witty, and sexy female is drawn to him, rather than Ty. What is Tristan supposed to do--turn her away?

Dirk Davis is the forgotten, neglected, and second-rate Davis. He wasn't born as a pampered twin, but he is determined to gain acceptance into the folds of his family--even if he has to force his way in.

These three handsome heroes will face shocking twists, unexpected turns, and potentially breaking challenges on their quests for happily-ever-after endings.

Join them now as they search for the true meaning of kinship, forgiveness, and love--the trifecta of delightful Davis family traditions--because you deserve a new swoon-worthy Davis brother book boyfriend.

This novel can be read as a sizzling standalone or as Book 4 of The Davis Twins Series.
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