Tuesday, November 27, 2018

HOW TO GET A RAISE!: Seven Steps to a Higher Paycheck by Gary Brose

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A book written for employees who are anxious to make more money. It explains, in simple easy-to- understand terms, seven sure steps to getting noticed and getting a raise from your boss. Written by Gary Brose, an entrepreneur who has owned over a dozen companies but also who worked for dozens more...so he has seen both sides of the situation.

Gary walks the reader through understanding the boss's mindset and then doing those things that will get you noticed and recognized. If you follow most or all of the steps in this book and fail to get a raise, a series of raises or a promotion (and more money), then you are working for the wrong person. Better to find that out now before you spend years in futile exercise. Gary believes that many employees work hard and fail to get recognized for it. They don't get raises because they are not doing anything to make themselves stand out and get the boss's attention. Gary shows how to do that easily and start making more money in a very short period of time.

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