Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Roses After Midnight by Linda Wisdom



When the “Prince Charming” rapist struck again, Detective Celeste Bradshaw went undercover to smoke out the criminal who believed he was romancing his victims and always left a red rose. But this by-the-book cop never thought she would fall for her ‘boss’...devilishly good looking café owner Luc Dante. Yet as she closed in on her suspect, the danger drove her right into Luc’s protective arms.

Reformed rebel Luc couldn’t believe he could fall for a cop when they were always his enemy. Celeste got under his skin like no one else, and soon their attraction exploded into a passion neither could deny. But her commitment to her job drove Luc away just when he was faced with a deception that would set his entire world upside down. A betrayal that could cost him the woman he loves. Could he overcome his dark fears in time to save Celeste from becoming Prince Charming’s latest victim?

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