Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day from Debra Salonen - FREE ROMANCE!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends. 

May the god/goddess of love and romance smile upon you on Thursday. If that involves wining and dining, I’ll be with you in spirit. (Hubby and I prefer a romantic dinner at Chez Salonen.) If you’re more of a tucked in for the evening with a glass of wine and a good book type, I highly recommend a new romantic comedy from my friend Roxanne Snopek – “A Dog Called Valentine”.

No good deed goes unpunished.

When an unwanted Valentine’s Day present is dumped at the shelter, volunteer Lily decides to foster the poor dog herself. A little attention is all he needs to blossom into a loving pet, ready for his forever home. Plus, helping a poor, rejected animal will distract her from her own problems. Win, win. Right? Wrong. Valentine needs more than a makeover if he’s going to be adopted. He destroys her home, hates to be groomed and when he behaves better for a perfect stranger than he does her, Lily swallows her pride and begs the good looking but quiet stranger for help

After losing his canine partner in a horrific moment that upended his future, sexy and stoic Shane turns to books, walks in the park and remodeling his grandmother’s home. No more intense K9 officer career, no more dogs, no more risks. But it’s hard to ignore the misunderstood mutt at the park and his well-intentioned, but clueless, handler. Shane reluctantly agrees to give her a few tips and tricks, but that’s all. He won’t care. He won’t get invested. And once Valentine finds his new home, his life can go back to normal.

But Shane doesn’t bargain on a new normal in town and, suddenly, Valentine’s Day will never be the same.

Buy here at the vendor of your choice: Books2Read

As you might remember if you’re a regular visitor to Amy’s blog, my Tule Publishing book, Her Hero To Love, has been FREE for a couple of weeks. That sale wraps up on February 15th. If you haven’t grabbed your FREE copy, you can do so here:  HerHeroToLove.

I want to thank everyone who left a kind and supportive review of this book! I’m so happy you loved this story of Flynn and Kat--two people with too much on their plates for love…and, yet, love happened! I also appreciate everyone who “got” Brady. This character was based on a child in my extended family, so he’s always been “real” to me.

Hero is Book I in the Love, Montana series. And my lovely publisher has offered to put Books II and III in the series on sale, too. You can save 50% if you purchase these titles through the Tule Publishing Online Book Store, using the code: LOVE50 

HER ROGUE TO TAME – Tule Bookstore link:

HER REBEL TO KISS – Tule bookstore link:

(The code is good for both titles: please share the love!)

If you haven’t tried this method of downloading books, it’s super easy:
Step 1: Highlight and Copy on the discount code: LOVE50.
Step 2: Click on link to the book you desire (Her Rogue To Tame or Her Rebel To Kiss).
Step 3: Click ADD TO CART.
Step 4: Click CHECK OUT.
Step 5: Type or paste the code: LOVE50 in the box marked DISCOUNT.
Step 4: Payment via the method of your choice.


And have a yummy Valentine’s Day, too!

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