Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Eau de Bonfire! A writer’s life is never dull! Guest Post by Debra Salonen

Another beautiful spring day in the Sierra foothills. 

The glory of poppies in the burn scar areas is one amazing side effect of recent fires. (This photo was taken along the Merced River Canyon near last year’s devastating Ferguson Fire.)

Homeowners like myself are busy preparing for a new wildfire season by setting debris piles on fire SAFELY to help protect our homes and property from any future wildfires.  That was my job this morning. It’s hot and smelly. It’s also fairly mindless, which means my brain glommed onto a possible scene for my work-in-progress. You’ve probably heard this before: if you’re a writer, nothing goes to waste. ;-)

Another I hate to waste is an email like the one below from Amazon. Why, yes, Alexa, I do like Debra Salonen’s MontanaBorn series. Thanks so much for asking.

Here’s a snippet from MONTANA COWGIRL - Book I in the Big Sky Mavericks series:

"Bailey?" a man's voice asked cutting into her thoughts.
Bailey's chin shot up--and up farther. A tall man in a white Stetson, jeans, boots and blue short-sleeve cotton work shirt with the name Paul machine embroidered above the chest pocket stood a foot or so away.
"It is you, isn't it?" His eyes, the color of a Montana summer sky, lit up. His tentative smile sent her heart galloping across the open prairie on the time-travel express. "Girl, you're skinny as a rail. Don't they feed you in California?" He made a face. "Oh, crap, don't tell me you're a vegan?"
"Paul Zabrinski?"
The last person she expected to see today. But when your luck sucked as bad as hers, anything was possible. "What are you doing here?"
She tapped her forehead.
"Dumb question. This is an airport. You're meeting someone. Hey, you look great. How long has it been?"
Even dumber question. She knew exactly how long it had been. Life-changing drama had a way of leaving an indelible mark.
She held out her hand, which felt stupid and forced, but she honestly didn't have the oomph to stand and hug him--which probably wasn't the right response, either, given their history.
His smile dropped. He wasn't the boy she'd kissed till their lips were chapped. He'd added a couple of inches of height and twenty pounds that filled out his shoulders and gave his face more character. Cute? Not any more. Now, he was handsome. His blue eyes the stuff they wrote romance novels about.
"Coming up on fifteen years in August. Hard to believe, huh? Did your mom tell you there's a new director of the Chamber of Commerce in Marietta? The fair's going to run for two weeks this year."
He chuckled in a manly way that made the woman inside her--the woman Bailey thought died with Ross-- ache for a pair of strong arms around her. Even for a moment.

Available in ebook and print at the vendor of your choice: COWGIRL.

Happy reading!


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