Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Happy Book Birthday, Black Hills Bad Boy!

Some books are bittersweet. An old friend of mine had recently returned from a motorcycle trip through the Black Hills when I was starting this series. His tales of touring the hills on his “Hog” triggered the story idea behind this book. I’m sad to say my friend passed away from a sudden heart attack a few years later, but the way he gobbled up life while he was alive and his love of history inspired this story, which lives on…so happy birthday, Bad Boy! 

Could the third time be her happily-ever-after charm? Or is this Black Hills bad boy here today, gone tomorrow? Like a dream. A crazy, sexy dream with lasting repercussions.

Single mom Katherine “Kat” Petroski is this close to finishing her degree and being able to stand on her own two feet. Not that she’s ever had much in the way of support from either her family or her ex-husbands. Her divorced parents were more concerned about hurting each other than making sure Kat’s emotional needs were being met. When she looked for love in the back seat of a car with her Homecoming King boyfriend, she got more – and less – than she bargained for. Twice. Now, she’s only interested in sexy Alpha males if they show up in her dreams. When she rescues a RUB – rich, urban biker – from a bar fight and agrees to give him a henna tattoo, she feels perfectly safe because he’s so not her type. And when he offers to pay her to show him the “real” Black Hills, she can’t say no – the money will help pay for her older son’s dental work. But on their journey, they cross a line where dreams and reality get a little hazy. 

What’s a successful orthodontist from Denver doing in a bar fight in the Black Hills of South Dakota? Jackson "Jack" Treadwell bought a motorcycle to prove to his ex-fiancĂ© that he had a sense of adventure. He gets a bit more than he bargained for the night a pretty little barmaid comes to his rescue. Too bad she breaks his first rule of attraction: no single moms. Hiring her to show him the “real” Hills seems safe enough until a medical emergency puts him in Kat’s hands for the night. A night like none other. Jack’s dream takes him to a place he’d be content to stay for the rest of his life. Too bad he doesn’t know where–-or when-–that is.
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Happy reading, my friends.


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