Friday, June 7, 2019

Review of Express Exec by Gary Brose




     As a business owner or manager, the world keeps changing faster than most people can keep up with it. The challenge is to find a way to build your business so that it can beat that pace and gain from it while your competitors wallow far behind.

     Author, Gary Brose, has owned, purchased or started over two dozen companies in the last forty years. During that time he's seen computers, fax machines, the internet, and social media change everything in his labor-intensive businesses. He experimented with all sorts of strategies to build his organizations so that they would be more nimble and able to deal with significant, sometimes massive change to keep pace with the new reality. He developed management strategies and techniques that help to create a more motivated and engaged workforce to adapt faster and more effectively. Now, for the first time, he is sharing what he's learned in Express Exec.

Express Exec is a book like no other. It is written as a novel - a business novel that demonstrates the path to building a stronger, more nimble organization. If you read and loved Bob Burg's Go-Giver novels, you'll love Express Exec. Gary walks the reader through the steps of Andrea Lane, the VP of Manufacturing at Juggernaut Industries, as she tries to save her company from looming disaster. By reading the short novel, you will experience, "first hand", the struggles she goes through to make massive change in a very short period of time. Sit in on the conversations she has with other managers, her supervisors, and the front line employees. Experience all the pains, angst, tears, and the joys of interacting with her coworkers and employees.
Read chapters showing:
  1. How to change the payroll structure completely without totally alienating your workforce.
  2. How to segue from paying people for time to paying people for performance.
  3. The right way to design a bonus program so it motivates and engages everyone.
  4. How to recover from your own errors in the process of making change.
  5. How to radically revamp the 'Review and Raise' process to supercharge your employees.
  6. How to create a more enlightened workforce by educating the employees about the business.
  7. And much more...
After reading Express Exec, you will understand better how to start and create change in your organization. Ideal for business owners and managers who need to jumpstart your workforce and, in the process, find a path toward beating the pace of change. A virtual tutorial about human nature, Express Exec is like no other business book you've ever read, Enjoy a riveting tale that will make you feel as though you experienced it personally so you can be armed to take on the fight and literally outrun the pace of change!


I have a degree in business and have been self-employed since 2006. You might say that business is my passion. I love to read business articles and help others hash out ideas of how to make their ideas successful. When I came across Express Exec, I knew it was something special. The idea of educating leaders in the business world through information presented in a novel was genius. Not only is the book informative, but it's truly an enjoyable read.

Brose does an amazing job at entertaining readers with a well written story that involves hardships, struggle, and even romance while giving incredible business leadership advice along the way. He crafts a character that gives readers hope that they too can be the leader that their employees deserve. Even if you feel like you're in a position to do little, the book shows you that you can accomplish great things once you put your mind to it, even if you have people working against you.

I would recommend this book to anyone hoping to become a leader in their field. However, I would also recommend it to someone simply looking for a good book to read. You don't have to be a businessperson to enjoy this book. Brose does the incredible by being able to write educational material, but also craft an enjoyable story. We can only hope that the author will create more books like this.
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