Saturday, June 27, 2020

Race for Redemption: HOT Historical Romantic Suspense (The Grandmaster’s Legacy Series Book 2) by Taylor Lee

FREE 6/26 - 6/30


*****5 out of 5 stars!*****

“Lei Chang can’t resist the wicked demands of her sexy, arrogant lover. But she refuses to marry him forcing Wyatt to fight the most challenging campaign of his life.” Erotica Rocks

“A mixed - race Indian running for governor in a western state in 1892? Winning the race is child’s play compared to convincing the feisty, strong-willed woman he loves to marry him.” L. Takamiya

“A gritty political drama filled with wrenching emotion, revenge, retribution and ultimately -- redemption.” David Adams, author Samsara.


From bestselling historical erotic suspense author, Taylor Lee, comes the second novel in The Grandmaster’s Legacy saga, Race for Redemption, a scorching hot follow up to Struck by Thunder.

Wyatt McManus is as ruthless as he is charming. Those who underestimate him do so at their peril. The only one powerful enough to resist him is Lei Chang, the woman he is determined to claim.

Politics, Sex and Violence: Race for Redemption is an erotic thrill ride – a tension filled love story of two fierce warriors accustomed to winning. BE WARNED: The language is rough, the sex explicit and the violence explodes off the page.

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