Monday, August 17, 2020

Prophecy of Thol: Book 1 in the Thol series by Dawn Greenfield Ireland



Prophecy of Thol, book 1 in the Thol series, won the Readers' Favorite 5-Star Silver Medallion 8-18-2018.

Recurring nightmares haunted D’laine Jackson when she woke from an eight-month coma following a tragic accident. Four images were branded in her head: a dark-haired, handsome princely young man, a fierce reptilian monster, a white furry creature whose red eyes implored her with some unspoken message, and an ominous black robot.

Now, five years later, D’laine was getting ready to go off to college. During one last shopping trip with her father and brothers for dorm supplies, a blanket of fog rolled out of the sky at the mall, in broad daylight in plain sight of dozens of witnesses. When the fog pulled back D’laine was gone.

When she woke, her nightmare turned into reality.

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