Friday, December 25, 2020

FREE! Courage to Celebrate: Finale: The Man in the Arena Series by Taylor Lee



The sole survivor of a hideous mission gone bad, the gravely injured Col. Luke Lang came back to his Northern Minnesota town determined to drink himself to death. A fate his family, especially his cousin Detective Nate Stryker, refused to allow him to do. But it was the shy, accomplished East Indian doctor, Ava Patel, that challenged Luke at his core. Somehow, they survived challenges no couple could or should have to face. Now five years later after the birth of their son they are preparing to welcome their daughter, a special Christmas gift.

As if their world refuses to let them by easily, a serial rape and brutal death of first one, then another, young Native girl, confirms the challenging matrix of their lives. This last book in the series is a nail biter. Not only because of the constant danger but because Luke and Ava face their biggest challenge yet. In the past they found the courage to dare, the courage to love and the courage to triumph. Now they have to decide if they have the Courage to Celebrate.

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