Friday, August 13, 2021

You Can't Always Get What You Want: The Olive or Twist Saga by Taylor Lee



He’s a hard as nails police chief. She’s a feisty ADA. The one thing they have in common is arrogance. Sparks flare when the challenging duo face off.

Police Chief Garrett Drake rules his dominion with an iron hand. Short tempered, irascible, and a fierce taskmaster, the chief doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He barely tolerates the cowering ADAs the DA sends him.

Zoe Tanaka is legal royalty. The talented Japanese-American ADA, happens to be the daughter of a former associate justice of the California Supreme Court. Outspoken, confident and beautiful, the diminutive force-field isn’t easily intimidated. Although she admits the stern, much too good-looking police chief unnerves her.

Garrett concedes he’s never run up against a woman like Zoe Tanaka. Hell, she was almost as arrogant as he was. She’d clearly been bred to think that she can rise to meet whatever challenges she faces. As she no doubt had—in the past.

Zoe takes charge of the trial of a despicable drug kingpin who viciously murdered a fifteen year-old gang member. A gifted ADA, she electrifies the courtroom eliciting a key piece of evidence. When the enraged defendant physically attacks her, Garrett’s fierce leap takes down the would-be murderer and saves Zoe’s life.

Amped by the adrenaline of the near-death attack, Garrett surprises himself when he invites the sassy woman to his pad for a nightcap. The only person more surprised is Zoe who accepts his daring invitation.

If you like smart characters, cops, courts, and scorching passion, you'll love Taylor Lee’s sizzling thrill-ride.
You Can’t Always Get What You Want is the third standalone book in The Olive or Twist steamy romantic suspense series.

Love Kaylea Cross's heart pounding romantic mystery thrillers? Sylvia Day’s and Maya Bank's red hot heroes, feisty heroines and high adrenaline action? Grab YOU CAN’T ALWAYS HAVE WHAT YOU WANT DOOR and prepare to be addicted.


The Olive or Twist Saga: The gang of law enforcement professionals fight the bad guys, and rule the courts all from their base at the Olive or Twist tavern. Sizzling Romantic Suspense so hot it singes the pages.

The Candidate: Passion Meets Politics is a steamy political escapade. If you like smart characters, tough-talking politicos, and scorching passion, then you'll love Taylor Lee’s sizzling political thrill-ride.

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The Criminal Affairs Sizzling Detective Series. Romance so HOT it singes the pages. HOT, tough, explicit. Not for the faint at heart. Definitely bring a fan!

The Justice Brothers Series.. The four arrogant Justice brothers, are as well known for their prowess in the bedroom as they are for their expertise in the law enforcement arena

Ladies of the Night Series. The Ladies are covert agents in a secretive, off the grid security organization. The only thing these formidable women are NOT is “ladies.”

The Man in the Arena Series: THE COURAGE TO DARE; THE COURAGE TO LOVE; THE COURAGE TO TRIUMPH is A tribute to the Teddy Roosevelt quote—The Man in the Arena.

The Blonde Barracuda OMNIBUS Collection Taylor Lee's Sizzling Hot Romantic Suspense Best Selling Collection.

The All Fired Up OMNIBUS Collection, Taylor Lee's Bestselling #1 Hot New Release—the ULTIMATE Sizzling Romantic Suspense collector's edition!

The Dangerous Affairs Collection Sizzling International Intrigue. Best Selling in both Romantic Suspense and Military Romance and Women's Sleuths !

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The Grandmaster’s Legacy: If you think Shades of Gray is HOT, snatch up Taylor Lee's Collection of Sexy Historical Suspense.

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