Saturday, May 1, 2021

FREE! Pursuit by Natalie Freedman

FREE - April 30th - May 4th


This wide peek into a tumultuous relationship forms a mesmerizing family saga.

Alex knew that in order to attract Valerie, he would need to intrigue her--in all ways. And so he did, starting a soul mate love affair which spanned decades.

Alex’s masterful and compelling sex thrills Valerie. His love and generosity give her inner strength. Alex’s faith in her gives Valerie the confidence to participate in the social issues of the time: the McCarthy Anti American trials, the civil rights movement, the Viet Nam War resistance, the fight for the release of Soviet Jewry. Alex becomes a participant in Israel’s Six Day War.

With the Holocaust haunting their memories, each of them gather and honor authentic stories of several survivors.

But there are those who try to block their marriage. They fight for their love and refuse to be separated. It works until they have to meet a challenge that no couple should have to face. Alex solves the problem in his own way.

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