Friday, June 18, 2021

NEW RELEASE! Don't Stop Believin' by Taylor Lee

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She’s an accomplished attorney. He’s an arrogant District Attorney. When the sparks start to fly, her past rears its ugly head threatening to take them both down.

Kiera Burke is an enigma. The super-star District Attorney is thoroughly taken by the beautiful, Mensa-smart woman but can't figure her out. What he assumes is aloof superiority, he quickly realizes is painful shyness. Which he could have handled. It was when he saw worrisome signs of a much deeper trauma, that he admits he is facing his biggest challenge yet.

Fleeing from her prominent San Francisco law firm, Kierra hoped she could close the door on her past. Determined to maintain the iron-hard protective shell she’d constructed around herself, she runs into a formidable force. A devilishly handsome man who is as kind and intuitive as he is resourceful.

As Cole began to uncover the signs of the hideous crime perpetrated on the lovely woman, he vows to bring the perpetrators to justice. The question is whether even the powerful district attorney can convince the challenged woman that she is worthy of his love.

Don’t Stop Believin’ is the fourth stand-alone book in the Olive or Twist Saga. If you like smart characters, formidable issues and scorching passion, you'll love Taylor Lee’s sizzling thrill-ride.

Grab Don’t Stop Believin’ and restore your belief in the power of love to heal the most devastating wounds.

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