Thursday, October 14, 2021

Read an Excerpt from Ryan by Jessica McBrayer



A sexy NHL goalie who dominates on the ice and has a big...heart.
An ambitious sports reporter out to prove herself.
The brother who sells them out to the mob to save his own skin.

As an NHL goalie, Ryan Lukowski is an expert at keeping his guard up. But when he meets Savannah's quick-witted sports show host, Lori Gambel, he finds himself making a few new plays of his own. 

There's no use denying the chemistry between Lori and Ryan, but when Lori gets a hot tip that Ryan is fixing games for the mob, she begins to question if he's really as wholesome as he seems. As Ryan faces the reality of Family life, Lori sets out to determine the truth and soon discovers that this is one scoop that could cost her everything.

"Wow this book get so hot you may need a cold shower I absolutely could not get enough of this I was hooked from the first page great writing job bravo loved it and if anyone is looking a steamy wonderful read then add this one to your list you will not be disappointed I was not, I loved it" Kathleen

Ryan Fire and Ice is the third book in the Savannah Heat Hockey Romance series. The book can be easily enjoyed as a standalone novel or greedily devoured as the next installment of this steamy series.




“I’ll let you hold Liv. I could use a break.” She looked relieved, and I happily took the little girl.

I rocked her in my arms while Megan went about the kitchen pulling out things to prepare.

“I see you’re on baby duty, again,” Jude said and grinned when he came into the kitchen.

“Your poor wife was going to try to balance Liv and make a snack at the same time. I offered to make it, but I think her arms were getting tired. Your little girl seems to really like motion.” I continued to rock her.

“Yeah, she does,” Jude said, a tired look crashing down on him.

Poor guys. I’d heard being new parents was tough.

“You guys are doing a great job. She’s beautiful and seems to be pretty perfect to me.” I wanted to encourage them.

Megan gave me a mega-watt smile, and Jude rubbed her back. She went back to cutting up vegetables while Jude and I discussed the different neighborhoods and what I was looking for. Megan set a big platter of fruit, veggies, cheese, and crackers in front of us. She pulled the milk out of the fridge.

“What would you guys like to drink?”

“Water is fine with me,” I said.

“Water for me, too, babe, and thanks for this,” Jude said.

“Yes, thanks, Megan. This is great.” I reached for a piece of pineapple.

“Since I’m nursing, I’m hungry all the time.” She frowned.

“You’re supposed to be, elskede. You’re doing a big job feeding our little girl. You need more food than normal.” Jude enveloped his wife in his arms.

It was obvious they loved each other immensely. They were best friends as well as husband and wife. My stomach tightened. I wanted that. I didn’t realize how much until it was right in front of me. Rachel and X-man had it, too. Shit, I was turning into a sap, but I was tired of the puck bunnies. They were few and far between, but even then, they only satisfied my need for a physical release and nothing more. I never stayed the night, never called the next day. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I grabbed some cheese and a cracker and before turning my focus to a now sleeping Liv.


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