Monday, November 29, 2021

Read an Excerpt from Sucking Bites by Jessica McBrayer



Award-winning and Amazon Top 100 series.

Lily Goodwill, the vamp with a heart of gold, gets a disturbing call on the Suicide Prevention Hotline. A hysterical caller is convinced a werewolf is breaking into his house. Lily dispatches the appropriate services, convinced that “someone is off their meds.” Oh, that it was true.

Soon enough, Lily is fighting for her life against a hairy beastie. She is supported by her almost-fiancĂ©, the brooding French vampire, Sebastian, who adores the ground she walks on, and Aidan, the vampire-hunting jinni, who scarfs energy for breakfast and believes he’s waited his entire existence—for Lily. Her best friends and housemates - vampires, a demon, and a hell hound - rally to her side as the odds stack up against her.

A conniving vampire Queen, a witch bent on seduction, and a determined assassin with a contract on Lily’s undead life round out a season in the City by the Bay. 





Chapter 1. Lilith

“Suicide Prevention, this is Lilith. How may I help you?”

“I just saw a freaking werewolf! It’s outside my window and I need you to call the police!”

“Sir, you saw what?”

“I saw a werewolf! I called the police and they hung up on me, so I started going down the emergency numbers in the phone book and you were next. Please it’s trying to get into the house.” The man is frantic. His high-pitched tone makes my ears ring.

“Are you sure there’s something out there?”


“What’s your address, sir?”

 “1246 James Street.”

I hear screaming, growling, and glass breaking. I speed-dial 911 and report a break-in. The other line goes dead. I send good thoughts out to the man who called in and wonder what he truly saw. Werewolves – yeah right. But I can't forget the noises I heard and it makes me shiver.

Rack up another call fielded by Lily Goodwill, member in good standing on the side of right and light, for the San Francisco Suicide Prevention Hotline. Me in my mission control headphones at my government-issue desk that’s stocked with my favorite hand sanitizer, the kind that smells like raspberries and chocolate, which I use at this moment. It’s best not to pass on germs. You never know what you can pick up from a phone call. Yes, I have a problem.


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