Saturday, July 30, 2022

Holidays in Ocean Alley: Special to the Jolie Gentil Series by Elaine Orr



Opening your apartment door to see a woman sliding down it is distressing. Especially when that woman has a knife in her chest. How could a murderer be roaming the halls in the middle of the night? After all the times she has encouraged Jolie to mind her own business, Aunt Madge has had a change of heart.

It's Jolie's boyfriend Scoobie Madge turns to to help her figure out who the murderer is. Not that being temporarily in an assisted living apartment prevents Aunt Madge from investigating herself. No, a fall from a stool that results in a broken wrist and ankle can't hold down the owner of the Cozy Corner B&B.

Could the murderer be a resident with a grudge, or a philandering neighbor who didn't want to get caught in someone else's bed? Aunt Madge's scooter rides take her to the laundry room where she thinks she spots a body in a bin, and into the cold to check exit doors to be sure they can't be entries for murder. All she gets is a reputation for being nosy. It's hard not to be when a dead woman's blood is on your carpet.

Murder's not all Madge and friends juggle. What will happen to the Alzheimer's patient whose husband wants to keep her in their apartment? Will Scoobie find information about Melvin, his ornery former professor, that will explain his odd behavior? And how will Madge and her good friend Lance avoid the acid-tongued Elmira Washington, who has decided she wants an apartment in their building? Elmira has been a thorn in Jolie's side for years. Would she be willing to kill to eliminate a roadblock to her move?

For a change, it's Madge whose persistence annoys Sergeant Morehouse of the Ocean Alley Police. He tells her she is moving up on his pain-in-the-ass list. Certainly the director of the Silver Times senior complex wants Aunt Madge to get well enough to leave. And she does miss her exuberant retrievers and husband Harry. He's busy burning muffins at the B&B instead of helping Jolie with the appraisal business.

Good humor at the Jersey shore. Except for the poor dead woman. Add the Christmas and Hanukkah season and there's good fun mixed with the murder.


Friday, July 29, 2022

The D.C. Incident: Novella (The Dangerous Affairs Series) by Taylor Lee



•Politics, Corruption, Murder, and Sex. Must be Washington D.C.

•The two hard charging special agents love as passionately as they fight.

•Even the most powerful men in D.C. discover at their peril, you don’t mess with this gang of former special ops bad boys (and girl) .

Friday, July 22, 2022

Be Mine This Christmas Night by L.A. Sartor


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Christmas in July is a fun way to break up the summer by adding some virtual snow and cold to your summer beach life

This is the book that started the series Star Light~ Star Bright which ended up a #1 best-seller on Amazon. Yep, it made me a best selling author!

Be Mine This Christmas Night has won 1 st place in the International Digital Award for Contemporary Short. That was an honor indeed.


 Combine a spunky children’s author, a young boy who has lost his mother, and a father who can’t quite figure out how to balance his grief and his children’s, and you have Be
Mine This Christmas Night.

Throw in a few conflicts (which are spoilers, so I’m not going to mention here) a brother-
in-law who is completely difficult, along with a Christmas star on the mountain above
Boulder, CO, lots of snow, hot chocolate, and…you guessed it, Christmas.

Each of the characters you’re introduced to in this book make appearances in the
series’ subsequent books.

So, head over to your favorite online bookstore and snag your copy or your recording
(Yay, it’s an audio book as well ) of Be Mine This Christmas Night, and let the season
begin, even if it is July.

Christmas is the perfect season to fall in love and find a family. Unless you’re hiding a secret.

Annie Hamilton, author of a beloved children’s series, is about the flip the switch on her home’s annual Christmas light show when the sight of a lone boy among the crowd reminds her of what she wants most. A family of her own. But after Annie’s secret has already caused a groom to flee, she knows that wish is only a dream.

Cole Evans may be a brilliant scientist, but raising two sons as a widower is beyond his expertise. When Cole moves next door to his youngest son’s all-time-favorite author, she becomes another complication, albeit a pretty one. But the boys’ beloved uncle doesn’t like Annie and makes no attempt to hide his distaste from anyone, including them, and creating an impossible choice for Cole, as choosing Annie means cutting ties to his late wife’s brother and hurting the boys.

Can a Christmas star bring Annie and Cole a beacon of hope during this magical season?

Be Mine This Christmas Night is the first book in the Star Light ~ Star Bright series set in the charming town of Boulder, Colorado. If you like holiday romances filled with characters facing what they believe to be impossible hurdles, in a series where characters make repeat appearances, then this book is the place to start.

Buy Be Mine This Christmas Night for a cozy read filled with warmth, joy and discovering what love is truly all about. 

****Also available in online lending libraries and other great online bookstores***

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About L.A. Sartor

I started writing as a child, really. A few things happened on the way to becoming a published author … specifically, a junior high school teacher who told me I couldn’t write because I didn’t want to study … urk … grammar.

That English teacher stopped my writing for years. But the muse couldn’t be denied, and eventually I wrote, a lot, some of it award winning. However, I wasn’t really making a career from any of this.

My husband told me repeatedly that independent publishing was becoming a valid way to publish a novel. I didn’t believe him even after he showed me several Wall Street Journal articles. I thought indie meant vanity press. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I started pursuing this direction seriously, hit the keyboard, learned a litany of new things and published my first novel. My second book became a bestseller, and I’m absolutely on the right course in my life. Email me at I’d love to hear from you.


Read an Excerpt from BETRAYED The Criminal Affairs Collection Book 3) by Taylor Lee



BETRAYED: Book 3 in USA Today best-selling author Taylor Lee’s Sizzling HOT Detective Series, The Criminal Affairs Collection.

•Viviana, his renegade cop, is hard enough to control. Now Jax has to fend off an interloper who is almost as sexy and arrogant as he is. And that is saying something.
•The Rising Star Political Hotshot wants Viviana’s expertise. Not incidentally, he wants her!
•Viviana has spent her life denying her ugly past. But her nightmares have caught up with her. The Sexy Police Chief insists that together they will find and punish the evil men who abused her.


Jax pulled up in front of the precinct building and arrowed his Alpha Romeo into the designated parking spot for the chief of police. Quickly rounding the snazzy automobile, he was at the passenger side before Viviana could open the door. Ignoring her attempt to push his hand away, he reached for her and pulled her up next to him. Tipping up her chin, he forced her to meet his gaze. Seeing the constricted expression straining her pale face, he shoved at his concern and forced a tight smile to curve his lips.
“Oh no you don’t, sweetheart. No pushing away the guy who loves you just because we’re
going to meet the team. Don’t worry, Sergeant Moreau. It’s an ill-kept secret that the SJPD chief
of police is ass-over-elbows in love with the gorgeous VCU sergeant known as the Enchantress.”
When she frowned and tried to pull away, he shook his head and blew out a hard sigh. “Listen
up, baby. We had a challenging night, but we got through it. The same way we’re going to do
everything from now on—together.”
When she didn’t answer, he grinned. “Don’t worry, baby, I’m not going to cuff you to my
side. You still get to be your ornery self, the renowned shining star of the Violent Crimes Unit.
However, know that the arrogant police chief intends to make his presence known.” He added
with a chuckle, “He’ll likely be a more frequent visitor at the VCU. Which is to be expected
given that we are now working as a team.”
Jax was relieved that his intentionally cocky assertion brought some angry color to her
cheeks. Anything was better than the strained expression that had lived on her usually expressive
face since she had woken from her troubled sleep. It had taken him over an hour to rock her back
to sleep following what had to have been a terrifying nightmare. It wasn’t as though she hadn’t
had them before. Since he’d moved her into his condominium, and now that they were sleeping
together every night, Jax had become aware of how troubled her sleep was. In the last ten days,
she’d had three full-blown nightmares, the worst being last night’s.
As she had done after her previous nightmares, Viviana refused to acknowledge her
midnight terror. Not so much as commenting on the fact that she’d spent most of the night
huddled on his lap, she’d dashed past him down the rooftop staircase. From there, she
sequestered herself in her bathroom until it was time to leave for their morning meeting. A fierce
scowl and a raised shoulder greeted his suggestion that she have a piece of toast and perhaps
some fruit for breakfast. Her refusal was firm and more than a little confrontational. “You should
know by now, Jax, that I don’t like breakfast and that I don’t like to talk before I’ve had my
Jax shot her a narrow grin as he handed her a thermos filled with her required coffee, a brew
that he insisted could hold its own with paint thinner. When she brushed by him, heading for her
car in the driveway, he shook his head and pulled her next to him. “Uh-uh, darlin’. You’re going
to ride with me this morning. In that we are going to the same place for the same meeting, two
cars aren’t necessary.”
She glared at him. “What if I need my car during the day? Or do you plan to cuff me to your
fucking side for the entire day?”
Not responding to her aggrieved query, he shrugged. “If you do need a car, I’m confident
your partner, Detective O’Reilly, or your supervisor, Commander Bannon, will be pleased to
ferry you around.” Pulling her next to him and ignoring her attempt to free herself, he murmured,
“And you can relax, darlin’. I’m not going to force you to talk about your nightmare last night.”
At her surprised start, he continued, “At least not now.” Lifting her chin, he gazed into her
stormy, azure eyes. “But, Viviana, we are going to discuss what happened last night. You know
that, don’t you, sweetheart?” When she slammed her eyes closed, refusing to meet his gaze, he brushed his lips across her heated cheek and said, “But for now, we’re going to get into my car
and head to the precinct for a very important meeting.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

LOVIN' YOU Crazy: Love & Lies in Paradise-Book 2 by Nora LeDuc

$2.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


Murder suspect Thomasina (Tommie) Murphy gambles on her childhood friend, an untested, smart PI to clear her name and bury her secrets.

Tommie Murphy is shocked to discover her dinner host shot dead in his elegant, Florida home. As the police examine her past relationship with a jailed convict, she becomes the prime suspect in the homicide. While Tommie pushes fast-forward on changing her impetuous lifestyle, a death threat left on her car warns that the killer has plans for her, too. Desperate, she
turns to her former next-door neighbor, PI Jace Jackson. Yet, if she wants his help, she’ll have to break the promise she made to herself, never trust a man.

Jace knows he’s in trouble the moment Tommie, his long-time crush, suddenly shows up. She's looking for something, and he
always has difficulty denying her requests. When she proposes hiring him, he refuses. After all, he investigates cheating spouses and insurance frauds. However, the challenge of her case and Tommie’s need for protection persuade him to finally accept. As days pass, he worries she’s hiding evidence. Soon, he discovers the truth that nothing is what it seems, especially the woman he secretly loves.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Mildred Mistletoe Rescues Christmas (Mildred Mistletoe Holiday Series Book 2) by Elaine Orr



Mildred Mistletoe, the cat born in the manager under her family's Christmas tree, has her paws full. She needs to get her high school humans, Fergie and Frank, to get over being mad at each other about a silly school dance. And then she spots a deserted puppy in the snow! Will she be able to get her humans' attention in time to save it? With little help from Dog or the local mouse, Mildred has to take charge or Christmas may not be merry.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Santa's Destiny: A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel by Tami Lund



Des (don’t call her Destiny—she hates that name) is an elf with a problem. A jolly, red-suit wearing, gift-bearing, reindeer-loving problem.

Turns out, someone has stolen Santa Claus’s magic. And it’s three days before Christmas. What’s an elf to do?

Help him out, of course. That’s her specialty, after all.

Except that creates a whole new problem: Des has to work closely with the Man in Red while keeping her presents under wraps, because there is definitely one thing she will not do.

Ride in Santa’s sleigh tonight.



Saturday, July 16, 2022

Christmas In Texas: A Holiday Collection by Carra Copelin



This collection of two novellas and three short stories are full of holiday romance, hope, and love. It's the perfect way to celebrate Christmas at any time of the year!

Includes two novellas - Christmas, Liberty and the Three Minute Man, and Lilah by Midnight. Plus three short stories, now in one collection for the first time ever! **Publisher's note: these stories were previously published individually.**

Friday, July 15, 2022

Read an Excerpt From Knockin' On Heaven's Door by Taylor Lee



She’s a go-it-alone detective. He’s a psychiatrist and FBI profiler. A serial killer brings them together. In more ways than one.

Tyra Stone is the lead Major Crimes’ detective in the city’s busy police department. Beautiful, brash and a declared loner, cooperation isn’t part of her vocabulary. When four young girls go missing, Tyra is convinced their cases are linked. The discovery of the brutally murdered body of one of the girl’s convinces her that the others will soon be found.

Deacon Walsh, has more degrees than any one man should. A former special ops physician, psychiatrist and now FBI profiler, the stunning Black agent has spent a year tracking the serial killer of four Colorado girls. When the trail goes cold, a brutal murder of an Albuquerque girl with all the marks of his victims, convinces Deacon his killer is responsible.

Mathis Cross, the Albuquerque police commissioner, and Deacon’s former special ops buddy, as well as the police chief, are eager to have the consummate agent take over the case. The only person who is decidedly not eager is the lead detective. When her chief puts the interloper in charge of their combined cases, Tyra is determined not to concede.

Unfortunately, in addition to being brilliant, Deacon is also charming. And to Tyra’s dismay, as accomplished a lover as he is an agent.

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door is the second standalone book in The Olive or Twist Saga steamy romantic suspense series. If you like smart characters, tough-talking cops, and scorching passion, then you'll love Taylor Lee’s sizzling thrill-ride.

Buy Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door to get hot under the collar today!



“You are not going to believe this!”

Tyra frowned at her best friend, Gracie D’Amico, now Mayor D’Amico and in private life, Mrs. Mathis Cross. She’d tried to excuse herself from the “girl gab,” pleading a hideous headache and fatigue. But Gracie had been adamant that they simply had to meet because she had huge news. What Tyra hadn’t said to Gracie and Zoe Hamilton, Albuquerque’s most beautiful ADA and the third member of their inseparable trio, was that she was consumed with grief. She’d spent most of the day dealing with the crime scene. After she’d documented her findings and sent them to the chief, she’d made a private visit to the morgue. Even though she’d examined the body at the site, she had to see what the ME had discovered.

Dr. Rapson had been kind. “C’mon, Tyra. I’ve had her for less than an hour and haven’t begun to examine her. Look, I know what you are like, Detective, and this has to be a challenging crime. From my initial synopsis, it’s as vicious an assault as I’ve seen in all of my years. That said, I’m going to be frank. You look like hell, young lady. Not that I blame you. But knowing how personally you take your victims, I want you to get some rest. She’ll be here in the morning and by then I’ll have preliminary findings.”

Tyra knew the medical examiner was right. If she looked half as bad as she felt, home and the neck and shoulders of a bottle of Glenfiddich were her destination. Until she received Gracie’s all-caps text indicating that she simply had to join them at the Olive or Twist. At that point, she knew there was no way she could blow off the command appearance. In fact, she decided maybe her better angels were stepping in. A little company wouldn’t hurt. Particularly since her best friends would understand if she was quieter than usual. Not taking any chances and being the first of her trio to appear, she appealed to Oliver to make her the strongest martini on record and do it fast.

“Oh good, you’re here, Tyra, and you’ve already started. Here comes Zoe. Give us a chance to order our drinks and then I will tell you my truly amazing news.” After Oliver ensured that they were all served, promising Tyra he’d be back with a refill whenever she was ready, Gracie turned to them. “First of all, thank you for coming, but I truly do have news. And it affects you, Tyra. It has to do with the Gonz├ílez girl, whose body you found yesterday.”

Tyra was certain her frown was apparent when Gracie reached for her hand. “Honey, please understand, if anyone knows how torn up you about the horrible things that were done to that young girl, it is Zoe and me. That’s why I think my news might help you.”

“Enough mystery, Gracie. Frankly, I can’t imagine anything that has happened that might be considered ‘good news,’ but please tell me.”

“It’s quite serendipitous. Mathis came to my office today ecstatic. One of his Delta Force buddies dropped in on him seemingly out of the blue but for a very specific reason. Mathis hadn’t seen Deacon Walsh, make that Agent Deacon Walsh, for nearly six years.” Taking a sip of her martini, then apparently seeing Tyra’s deepening frown, she quickly added, “Agent Walsh came to Albuquerque because he is interested in your case.”

“What do you mean in my case? More to the point, interested how?”

Clearly taken aback at Tyra’s sharp response, Gracie struggled to explain. “Honey, I know how frantic you have been about the Gonz├ílez girl and how devastated you are that she was so brutally assaulted. But apparently Agent Walsh thinks that she might be linked to a rash of serial killings that he has been investigating in Colorado.”

Not able to hide her shock, Tyra gasped, then rose to her feet. Placing her hands on the table, she faced her startled friend. “How? What . . . I don’t understand. What could some asshole Fibbie—from another state no less—know about my case? And why the hell am I finding out about this interloper from you, Gracie?”

For the first time Gracie looked concerned. “Oh my goodness, I hope I’m not speaking out of turn. I assumed the chief had tried to reach you because he was meeting with Mathis and Agent Walsh late today.”

Remembering that she’d received a couple of “get your ass over here” texts from her boss, Tyra forced herself to be less antagonistic. “Uh, yeah . . . the chief did try to reach me, but I told him I was beat and would check in later tonight. Then you insisted that I come here . . . ”

“Tyra, please know how sorry I am. I never should have gotten in the middle of this. It’s just that wait until you see this guy. He is beyond beautiful.” Meeting Tyra’s angry scowl but seeing Zoe’s clear interest, Gracie plunged ahead. Swallowing hard, she quizzed them. “Okay, tell me who is the most gorgeous black actor in the world today?”

“Shemar Moore?” Zoe ventured. “Or maybe Idris Alba? Denzel Washington?”

“Yes, yes, and yes. But have you ever seen Boris Kodjoe?”

“The Australian-Ghana dude from Soul Food and Grey’s Anatomy?”

“Yes, that’s the one!”

Tyra couldn’t keep from asking, “You mean this Fibbie agent looks like that? Shemar Moore or Kodjoe? He’s . . . black?”

Gracie glanced across the bar, then a huge smile lit her face. Blowing out a relieved sigh, she was enthusiastic. “See that tall, dark, gorgeous hunk of a man coming in the door with Mathis and Chief Drake? That, girlfriends, is none other than Agent Deacon Walsh!”


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