Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Unforgettable Courage: Protection and Loyalty Collection

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When the stakes are high, and hearts are on the line...
That’s the time you need UNFORGETTABLE COURAGE.

NINE high-octane romances!

From a missing president's daughter to escaping serial killers, hiding from human traffickers to protecting a political target, secret agents and hostages to uncovering hidden murders and outrunning organized crime, these heroic men and women must dodge bullets and defeat baddies all while falling in love - not exactly a walk in the park.

Curl up with your Kindle and these thrilling, action-packed, full-length romantic suspense novels by the bestselling and award-winning ladies of The Authors' Billboard.

Mimi Barbour – Special Agent Storm: How can a woman look into an ultrasound machine & see a baby growing in her tummy when she hasn't been with a man for - well forever?!
“What do you mean I'm pregnant? Trust me, Doc. It's impossible."

Rachelle Ayala – Preying Heart: He’s a reclusive survivalist. She’s on the run for her life. He takes her in on one condition: that she never leaves his property.

Rebecca York – Life Force: What’s Matthew’s secret of living for over 500 years? Kidnapping his lady friend is just the first on the dying billionaire’s ways to extract cooperation from the immortal.

Patricia Rosemoor – Curse of Slater House: Tagline: Buried within the walls of Slater House lives a tale of lost love and not-so-accidental death.

J.L. Campbell – Taming Celeste: One woman's quest to outrun her past leads her into the dangerous world of software piracy.

Susanne Matthews – The White Carnation: Can they catch the Harvester before he finds Faye and reaps another prize?

Taylor Lee – The Courage to Triumph: Caught in a hotbed of White Supremacist activists, both Ava and Luke become the targets. Not only do they have to overcome the constant danger, but Luke and Ava must decide if they can give their love a second chance.

Nancy Radke – Keeping Tatum Safe: What happens when two people with false identities fall in love?

Katy Walters – Lady Venetia’s Vow: Clinging onto the hope her fiancé is still alive, Lady Venetia vows to find him, even if she has to travel alone through war-torn Europe. A Regency Romance.

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