Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Caution Man at Work by Linda Wisdom



Cole Bishop had appeared in her hour of need and she'd done it--hired him--a male housekeeper! Perhaps now, with her twin boys in his care, she could get back to her demanding career in advertising.

In no time her chaotic household was running smoothly. The boys were in heaven. But Kelly Connors hadn't counted on Cole insinuating himself into her life so passionately. Nor was she prepared for her ex-husband's intrusion on their newfound domestic bliss or his vicious threats to take the children from her. And when the boys suddenly vanished, Kelly was terrified, torn.

Had she asked too much, wanting her children, her career, her independence--and the man she loved? Could Cole--a journalist doing "undercover" research on house-husbanding--help her find both her boys and all the answers?

A Linda Wisdom classic contemporary romance, now a Joyride Books exclusive! 


An excellent reason to hire a housekeeper, even a good looking man.

The following week was quiet until Wednesday, when all hell broke loose.

It all started when Kelly was rudely awakened by Alfie's ear-splitting howls. Running to the bedroom window, all she could see were soapsuds spilling over from the spa into the swimming pool and an irate Alfie trying to scramble out of the spa.

"Grab his collar so we can get the soap off him!" As Kyle reached for the dog's collar, Alfie lumbered out of the spa and made a wet beeline for the open patio door.

The two boys stared at each other as Kevin said, "Boy, Kyle, are you gonna get it."

Just as Kelly leaned over to open the window she turned, having heard a noise on the stairs. In two leaps Alfie managed to jump across the pastel umber-striped silk comforter on Kelly's bed and knocked her to the floor.

"Alfie!" Kelly screamed, pushing at the wet dog. "Get off me!"

The soaked sheepdog whimpered his distress, pressing himself closer to her for protection.

"Get off!" she ordered through clenched, teeth, and gathering all her strength finally managed to push him away. As she rose to her knees she caught a glimpse of two sets of eyes, their expression so much like their father's, watching her warily.

"Mom—" Kevin began.

"I don't want to hear it, Kevin," she said in a deadly tone.

"But Mom—" Kyle pleaded.

"I have just had it with you two," she declared shrilly, advancing toward them. She grabbed each boy by the arm and none too gently propelled them toward the bed. Sitting down, she released Kyle while at the same time pulled Kevin over her knee. While paddling a howling Kevin she grimly assured him it was not hurting her more than it was him. Before Kyle could make his escape, she gave him the same treatment, then commanded the two sniffing boys to dry the dog, change their clothes, and sit until she told them otherwise. They scurried out of the room without a backward glance.

Kelly felt a cold, wet nose at the back of her neck. While she had been reprimanding the boys Alfie had cautiously climbed up on the bed behind her. She shot him a deadly glare.


He slithered off the bed with his tail between his legs, his eyes on her the entire time as he crept out of the room.

Then Kelly finally viewed the wet, muddy splotches on the silk comforter. It was undeniably ruined. Her eyes filled with angry tears. Refusing to give in to the temptation to cry, she slowly rose to her feet and headed for the shower.


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