Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Brady's Hellion by Linda Wisdom



Mercenary Brady Hayes hated it when debts were collected. Especially when he was called to the Underworld. But when Lord Shar called him in asking him to protect his sister, Raven, he had no choice but to agree.

What he didn’t know was that Raven would be a gorgeous bundle of demon easy to fall for or that her ex-boyfriend would want to make trouble.

But then, Brady wasn’t known to back down from danger or abandon a beautiful woman, even if she was from the Underworld.


"Hello baby," Brady ignored the nasty tingle on his butt. It was bad enough Shar insisted on marking him, but did he have to mark him there? Brady's argument that Raven would recognize the mark on his wrist for what it was met with a "that can easily be taken care of" and next he knew the mark was burned onto his ass. Shar's argument that it was purely for Brady's protection was bullshit, but no way you could argue with a dark lord and survive being torn limb from limb after losing said argument. Plus since there were no photographs of Raven, he was assured the mark would alert him when she was close by. He was also promised the mark would be removed once his assignment was over. Yeah, like Shar’s promises were ever kept if they weren’t to his advantage.

He had to admit if he was supposed to protect a woman there was no better place to do it than at this exclusive resort set on a remote Pacific island. After a little judicious bribery alerted him to his charge’s presence on the beach he sauntered out to the thatch-covered beach side bar that bisected the pool and beach and settled on a stool. From there, he had a good view of both areas along with an even better observation of the bikini-clad beauties lying out by the pool and stretched out on chaise lounges arranged along the white sandy beach. A few interested looks sent his way indicated they wouldn't mind getting to know him better. Too bad he was on the clock.

Brady learned there wasn’t a problem asking for someone named Raven. He should have known better since Cher and Madonna had no problem just using one name.

"Who do we have here?" Behind the protection of his dark glasses he was able to study the beach. So far, every brunette he noticed didn’t create even a tingle in his ass. Even a dark- haired woman with pale skin that looked as if a dose of sun would set her on fire produced nada. He began to wonder if the mark was put there just because Shar wanted to hear him yelp when he’d been branded.  "So what the hell is the dark lord’s baby sister doing out here in the sun and sand?” he muttered. “You’d think she’d prefer some dark ugly dungeon with all sorts of torture instruments.” He grinned at a shapely redhead in an emerald green thong bikini who twitched her hips when she walked past. “Still, who am I to complain?”

As his gaze again swept the length of the beach, he noticed a feminine figure making her way out of the water. He moved on since he was convinced she wasn’t the one. Then the burning tingle on his ass intensified to an all out burn. He swung back to the woman he'd first dismissed until the stinging wound warned him he was looking in the right direction. The longer he looked at the woman, the stronger the fiery sensation. 

"No way," he muttered, staring at the woman walking up to the registration desk. "Holly shit! I’m expected to babysit Malibu Hellion Barbie?



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