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Want to get your books promoted? A Girl and Her eBooks offers a number of great services at affordable prices. Promos start at only $5 and all services are completed one-on-one so that you always get the best service possible. If you have any questions, or want to place an order, email me at

Book Features - Starting at $5 Each

Get your book featured on A Girl and Her eBooks. Basic features include buy links, description, and cover art. You can upgrade to include your excerpt and book trailer.

Share Pack - $10

Get your book shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. I have over 10k social media followers.

Tweets - Starting at $150 for Tweets 2x Per Day for a Year

Get your books Tweeted to over 4000 followers. Price breaks offered for large orders. You provide the Tweets or I can write the Tweets for an additional fee.

New Release Promo Pack - $100

Get your book featured on A Girl and Her eBooks, 4 share packs, and Tweets 6x per day for one month.

Book Shared in 40 Facebook Book Groups - $25

Get your books shared with literally thousands of readers for an extremely low price. If your book is FREE the book will be shared on even more groups. 

Email Me at to Order!

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