Saturday, April 7, 2012

4 Free Kindle Books for Girls

G is for girls and today's post features four free kindle books that embrace girl power and the struggles of growing into a woman. There's even a few kick butt characters.

NeverDark by E.S. Einfeld

Warning! This book contains (1) very kick-butt Faerie Princess, an Evil Dark Lord, a rhino-beetle named "Gor", Dragonfly Riders, Bat Brigades and an extremely adorable, fluffy, pet firefly with anger-management issues.

From the blurb:
The Faeries of Southnut are in big trouble. Lord Darkwater is up to no good.

The White Castle of Doru is under attack by the greatest army Princess Fiera's ever seen. Lord Darkwater is poised to crush her tiny kingdom unless the king gives her up to become his wife.

Well, fffungus! She's having none of that!

The race is on for Fiera to outwit Lord Darkwater's Dragonfly Riders, Bat Brigades, and even a giant, faerie - eating Spider to save herself and, before it's too late, her whole world.

Maddy's Guide to Life: Divorce by Kristina Anderson

Hi, I’m Madison. Well that’s what my mom and my teacher, Mr. Wrong (his real name is Mr. Wright), call me, but I prefer to be called Maddy. I’m 9 years old and I live in a small town in the United States with my annoying older sister Zoey, my dog Rupert, and my parents. I go to school nearby. Over the years I have learnt a lot about life and how to handle things at home and at school.

I’ve told you about Amanda before. You know, she’s the girl who thinks she’s really cool and who isn’t that nice to most of the rest of us in the class. One day Amanda got told that her parents were getting a divorce. She wasn’t like the old Amanda after that as she blamed herself and felt really angry. I was so glad that we were able to help her get through the bad feelings. That day we all found strengths we didn’t know we had.

This short story has approximately 940 words.

Girls to the Rescue: Young Marian's Adventures in Sherwood Forest by Stephen Mooser

The Sheriff of Nottingham learned the hard way:  don't mess with Maid Marian!  This Girls to the Rescue novel tells the exciting tale of thirteen-year-old Maid Marian and her first adventure with young Robin of Loxley (the future Robin Hood).

The Sheriff of Nottingham has thrown Marian's father into the dungeon, and only Marian can save her father from the hangman's noose.

Marian proves herself the cleverest of heroes as she takes on a pack of hungry wolves, murderous thieves, and the Sheriff's loyal soldiers.  She also solves a heart-wrenching mystery--the disappearance of her mother, missing for three years and presumed dead.

What If the Hokey Pokey's Really What It's All About? by Rebecca Burke

"Dear Diary: I am still a virgin, which is not so unusual if you've never had a boyfriend."

Do happy people write in diaries? Not according to Piccolo Poggioli, whose diary describes the horror of a road trip with her manic-depressive mother.

On a trip stretching from Niagara Falls to Las Vegas, the two flunk Adventure 101 and fall out with everyone they meet--hippie pet therapists, Las Vegas showgirls, and crackpot relatives. Even their adopted dog Salsa seems to hate their guts and keeps running away.

Piccolo longs to escape this epic fail in mother-daughter bonding. Unfortunately, her parents act like children who want recess to go on forever.

Early on, she replaces her diary's cheesy affirmations with sarcastic sayings, pet peeves, random factoids, and slogans she spots on bumper stickers and bathroom walls. With luck, her love of words will help the two of them find their way back home, where she can put away her diary for good.

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  1. I downloaded Girls to the Rescue because I love Robin Hood related adventures and the cover looks great! (Although she does look a little old for 13...) Great pick!


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