Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5 Free Kindle Books in Comedy

Today's theme is comedy. If you enjoy these free Kindle books, stick around for the movie and book of the day, which will also be comedies.

Mr. Right for the Night by Marisa Mackle

Anna is looking for Mr Right. For just one night. Her dreaded high school reunion is looming and she's determined to have the perfect partner to show off. She has three months to find this charming, intelligent, handsome man and is convinced he is just around the corner. But which corner?

Proper Job by Ian Hocking

'99: A big rock called the Moon is about to move in front of the sun. On Earth - in Cornwall - Andy Carrick is trying to hold down a summer job before leaving for university.

The crimp in Andy's plan arrives in breathtaking form: Penelope Brown, heiress to the Brown's Ice-Cream empire. Before long, Andy finds himself in the surprisingly dangerous role of ice-cream man.

To reach university unscathed, he'll need to cope with his best friend Doogie, who might have taken a shine to Penelope, and his new boss, Big Jeff, whose belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly when he screams, "You'm fired!" And then there's Old Boy, whose name no one can remember.

Proper Job is a novel about a boy, a girl, long queues, dangerous driving, CB language, the dark art of magazine inserts, Alaskan malamutes, and a total eclipse of the sun. Beach-time reading will never be the same again.

Fact. Fact. Bullsh*t! by Neil Patrick Stewart

Think you can spot the fake?

Think again. It's going to be a lot harder than you think to pick out the BS. Each entry hides one well-crafted fib among a pair of unbelievable truths. And it's up to you to figure out what's fascinating and what's fabricated on everything from koala bears to Confucius to high-fructose corn syrup.

Was Cleopatra the last Egyptian pharaoh?
Can you really make diamonds out of tequila?
Is the platypus actually poisonous?

A flip of the page reveals whether you're right or wrong as well as more information on the true trivia--and why you might've fallen for the fake fact. You'll really need to know your sh*t if you plan on correctly calling bullsh*t.

Witchkillers by Timothy Robinson

A small-town convenience store clerk joins forces with a professional Witchkiller in order to save the world from the evil scourge of Witches. Yeah, it's a comedy.

Strangeville Part 1 by Kenneth Tingle

Strangeville will be published in three parts over the next twelve months. Be among the first to get a sneak peak of the crazy town of Strangeville. The story is a dark comedy about a suicidal young man named John Campbell. After a failed suicide attempt, John heads to Virginia to visit an aunt he hasn’t seen in ten years. But his rental car runs out of gas deep in the mountains. When he decides to walk in the middle of the night, he winds up in a town that is isolated from the rest of the world—Strangeville. Unable to leave, he meets an assortment of loveable oddball characters—Klemm Johnson, Clarissa Puddworthy, Biff Flannigan, Jeboriah Varmint, Cleetus McChoparooski, and others.

Your reviews and input will influence the story and outcome, as the author will read each and every one, sometimes commenting back on your review! Be a part of the creation of the book itself. For possibly the first time in history, read a book as it is being written. When you post a review, Ken will read it and consider your advice. This could be the largest literary collaboration in history!

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