Monday, May 28, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books About Hauntings

A Texas Ghost Story by Arley Owens Jr

Jasper Miller, foreman of The Double Cross Ranch owned by billionaire T. Wayford Cross, enjoys the simple life of a cowboy and daydreams about selling his unique breakfast sausage in grocery stores. While mending a fence he hears a woman cry for help but can’t locate her anywhere. At sundown he heads for the ranch house only to be further confused when something white manifests in the near distance and soon vanishes, leaving him worried he might be losing his mind—first hearing things, then hallucinating.

Bafflement replaces those concerns when one of his hands tells him about seeing “a flash of white last night at suppertime” and that Drake Jensen—whose fence repair Jasper completed—had complained about hearing things before leaving for his father’s funeral. The feminine cry rings out again, followed by a flash of white identical to what he’d witnessed before. Once more searching for her in vain, Jasper decides someone must be pulling a prank. But the woman finally does appear—dressed all in white—and dematerializes, leaving no doubt she’s a ghost.

T. Wayford gets a taste of Jasper’s sausage and deciding to market it, sits him up in an apartment in Arlington. There he meets voluptuous Selma Russell who he learns is connected to the waif on The Double Cross and is almost as ethereal. Caught in a love triangle between Selma, T. Wayford’s daughter, and the woman in charge of producing his sausage, Jasper discovers it’s him rather than the ranch that’s being haunted. He surmises the two specters are motivated by revenge, but for what, he has no idea. Knowing he’ll never have peace until he finds out, Jasper leaves no stone unturned until he uncovers the mind-boggling truth.

I Know There Is Evil Out There by Kathy Mann

By fate, Adam and Darcy meet and fall in love. When Adam accidentally dies, Darcy cannot let go of him. She keeps talking and asking for him to come to her. Without understanding the consequences of her actions she is thrown into a demonic world of trickery, manipulation and deceit. Journey into Darcy's life to see what lies ahead for her. Because of the morality of the main character, this ebook is not recommended for young adults. This ebook contains 20,165 words and there are no curse words.

The Haunting at Red Feathers by Peter Meredith

There is nothing more frightening in the world of horror, than a ghost story that is actually true. When Peter takes his new wife Stacy, up to the mountains for a weekend of fishing, hiking and hopefully some intense cuddling, their day starts off great, when they think they find the perfect spot. The seclusion of the little lake seems at first to be a plus, but they soon realize, that there is a reason the area around the black waters and the looming hills is empty. "Don't let the night catch me here!" These are the words that run through their minds as the day folds in on itself with terrifying speed, releasing something blacker than the night.

This book contains three stories, all of which are paranormal in nature. The first two are works of non-fiction, true to life ghost stories, if you can believe it, but the third is completely fictional.

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