Saturday, May 12, 2012

5 Free Kindle Books in Chick Lit

It's time to curl up for the weekend and enjoy a good book, ladies. These 5 free Kindle books are sure to wet your appetite for romance.

Haunted on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase

Jade loves her new apartment--until a ghost joins her in the shower.

When empath Jade Calhoun moves into an apartment above a strip bar on Bourbon Street, she expects life to get interesting. What she doesn't count on is making friends with an exotic dancer, attracting a powerful spirit, and developing feelings for Kane, her sexy landlord.

Being an empath has never been easy on Jade's relationships. It's no wonder she keeps her gift a secret. But when the ghost moves from spooking Jade to terrorizing Pyper, the dancer, it's up to Jade to use her unique ability to save her. Except she'll need Kane's help--and he's betrayed her with a secret of his own--to do it. Can she find a way to trust him and herself before Pyper is lost?

Bad Day by Devon Cooper

Have you ever had a day that, no matter what you do, nothing seems to turn out right? In fact, a bad day would be an understatement?

Angela works at a consulting firm in a high rise building downtown. Frank, a construction worker, is working on the top floor of the same building, and is deathly afraid of heights. Angie and Frank are strangers, who, under a different set of circumstances, would never speak to each other. When the fire alarm goes off, and the elevator they’re in gets stuck, their day takes a different turn.

Sam is Frank’s friend and boss, and he has to make his way down the sixty flights of stairs when the fire alarm goes off. With an old sports injury, he’s not sure he’s going to be able to make it. He has no way of knowing where Frank is, and since he left his cell phone in his truck, he can’t even call his wife Joanne to let her know that he’s ok. Worry plagues Joanne when she can’t get a hold of Sam.

When Joanne finds out that the high rise building has had a bomb threat called in to it, she freaks out with worry. Her life is Sam, and she has to find him. When the police check their list to see if he exited the building, his name isn’t there.

Could their day get any worse? 

Partners and Prey by Ashley Rainiere

Despite Ashley's accomplishments, she is still an outsider in the world of the Boston Brahmins, an elite social class of powerful and well connected old money families. They are descended from the most noteworthy founders of New England. There are only two ways to be accepted into their world. You are either born in or you marry in.

When Ashley uncovers a dark secret, can she leverage it to rise to the top of Boston's social world? To do so she will have to betray her best friend, lie to the man she loves, and beg a favor from Simon, the young heir apparent to the De Nichilo crime family.

Woman in Charge (Studs 4 Hire) by Sherry James

Has Elvis really left the building . . . or is his spirit playing matchmaker?
Alex Roy is used to building classy timber frame homes for the elite, but his last business association with a woman left him in debt and his heart in shreds. Is he so desperate to earn a paycheck and reclaim his business that he'll swallow his pride and design a shrine to the King of Rock 'n' Roll in a widow's mansion? And what about Casey Burrows, the woman who wants to hire him to do the job for the wealthy widow? Alex has an eye for good lines—and Casey's are curving in all the right places. But can he handle the job and walk away with his heart and reputation unscathed? Or will he end up as a permanent resident of Heartbreak Hotel?

Are You Lonesome Tonight? . . . the classic Elvis song seemed to be the story of Casey Burrows' love life. As co-owner for Studs 4 Hire she's got a great career—now she needs a man who will truly lover her and not leave her with a shattered heart, and a maxed out credit card. When she meets Alex, she's determined to keep their relationship strictly business, but she soon discovers immortalizing Elvis in Omaha isn't the only project she'd like to undertake. Alex rocks her predictable world and Casey is ready to risk her heart one more time.

Love Unlisted by Stephanie Haddad

Grace Shields keeps her hectic life manageable one way and one way only: she makes lists, lots of them. Lists of her favorite Jackie Chan movies. Lists of her boyfriend’s Pros and Cons. Lists about her favorite places to get a pizza. To Grace, each one is a very serious matter. And that’s why no one ever reads the lists. Well, no one except for a few people who got a hold of them by accident…
1. Her best friend Bernsie, who understands the lists might be the only thing keeping Grace out of an asylum;
2. A child psychologist she was forced to see after her father passed away and the listing become more than just a hobby;
3. A very-nearly-almost fiancé who left Grace because of the lists.

Now, as Grace struggles to deal with a career that’s getting away from her and the frustration of living with her brother George, the lists are all she can do to cope.

Enter Colin Kilbourne, a free-spirited musician with a knack for ruffling Grace’s pristine feathers. And spilling coffee on her favorite work clothes. Immediately drawn to his carefree, stress-free attitude, Grace knows they’d be mismatched in every possible way. But that mischievous charm is hard to resist. What’s a girl to do when the lists tell you to do one thing and your hearts tells you another?

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